Available in beta for some time (for the lucky ones), Valorant is the new game from Riot Games after League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. This new FPS does not hide its inspirations coming mainly from a certain Counter Strike: Global offensive. Having a few tens of hours of play on Valorant and much more on the Counter Strike license, we give you our advice to get started.

This guide is intended to teach you the basics of the game, it is also inspired by mistakes made by beginners who are not used to either FPS in general or the Valve series.

Know the abilities of each character

[SOLVED] : Valorant: 8 tips for getting started with our beginner's guide

Before you start, you should know that Valorant stands out a little bit from Counter Strike with its characters. These agents (as they are called) have unique abilities that you need to know otherwise you will get caught a bunch of times and die stupidly. It is thus advisable to use each of them in a personalized part to see how they work. Also, it will allow you to pick an agent that suits your playstyle and have a minimum of mastering it before you go up against real players.

If ever you do not have all the agents (some must be unlocked), you can always read the list of their skills as well as their respective effects. This will prevent you from falling due to an arrow piercing the walls or being killed from heights.

Manage your money well

[SOLVED] : Valorant: 8 tips for getting started with our beginner's guide

In Valorant, skills and weapons are purchased with money earned each round. The amount often depends on your collective actions (like planting a bomb) or personal actions (like killing an enemy). As a team game, it’s important to be in sync with your partners and see the money holistically.

So do not hesitate to buy a weapon from a companion if he asks for it or on the contrary to save all together to be more efficient during the next round. Better to all be in the same boat with a gun for one round than to be disorganized and create loopholes for your opponents throughout the match due to a lack of equipment from one or two members of your team.

Don’t go headlong, it’s above all a psychological warfare in a team

[SOLVED] : Valorant: 8 tips for getting started with our beginner's guide

Like Counter Strike, playing Valorant is above all a game where you have to pose strategies even if they are simplistic. If you are an attacker, you must synchronize your assaults to disrupt defenders at a site as much as possible. Attack from two sides at the same time or blocking vision in strategic places for example. As they say in the industry, there is a lot of “mind game”. Like the game of Go, you must predict the actions of your opponents.

If you are a defender, the most important is for example to hold a given point as much as possible so that your allies have time to arrive as reinforcements and trap the enemies. Whether in Counter Strike or Valorant, the action that best describes this psychological game is when the bomb is planted and there is only one attacker and one defender left. The attacker will do everything to hide and wait for the right moment to defeat the defender who must rush to defuse the bomb. The latter can then attempt a false defusing to get the attacker out of his hole and lay him down, or else rely on the attacker’s inaction by making believe in a false maneuver.

In Riot’s FPS, this duel is even more intense because the bomb can be defused in two steps. By defusing to half of the gauge, you will resume in the middle if you try the procedure again after stopping it.

Better to play the time than the kill

[SOLVED] : Valorant: 8 tips for getting started with our beginner's guide

The most common mistake made in games is impatience. We often tend to think that killing enemies is the best way to win, but that is rarely the case here. This defect is most often found when one has the role of defender. In this case, you are in a strong position because the enemy must attack without knowing where you are exactly. Also, attackers have a time limit to plant the bomb, so you have to play on their impatience to gain the upper hand.

The same goes for the attackers when the bomb is planted. Do not attempt to kill enemies by searching for them or holding positions that are too exposed. Wait for them to surprise them or to make them go around in circles, and thus gain precious seconds because even if your whole team falls, as long as the bomb explodes, it’s won.

If the odds of losing a round are high, save your guns

[SOLVED] : Valorant: 8 tips for getting started with our beginner's guide

This ties in with our point on money management. When you’re pretty sure a round is lost, don’t play hero by stupidly losing your weapons. Sometimes it is wiser to hide and save some money for the next round or buy a gun from a colleague with empty pockets. In addition, if the enemy starts looking for you by running everywhere, you can make them lose money which will bring a significant advantage for the future.

It is also specified that there is no point in saving the basic weapon or saving a weapon during a decisive round under penalty of being mocked by your entire team and your opponents.

Which weapons to choose?

[SOLVED] : Valorant: 8 tips for getting started with our beginner's guide

Oddly (or logically), Valorant pretty much picks up the Counter Strike: Global Offensive meta (Ak-47, M4, AWP for short). When it comes to handguns, Ghost is arguably the best weapon for the first round. It also resembles the usp of CS: GO, stable and precise to easily put bullets in the heads of your enemies with a good rate of fire. Sheriff is a weapon that could be compared to CS: GO’s Desert Eagle. If your aim is clean enough, it will be a real Head Shots machine in your hands. On the other hand, if you miss your shot there is little chance of catching the shot.

So Phamtom and Vandal are the best assault rifles of their category and even of the game. Whether one is accurate or in control of bursts of fire, they remain unquestionably safe values. L’Operator (the equivalent of the AWP) is also very effective because it kills most often in one hit, however it is necessary to manage the distances well and as with the Sheriff, at close range, you are not allowed to the error.

This does not mean that the other weapons are useless, but they are arguably less effective than those mentioned above. On the other hand, certain situations may require that we force ourselves to buy. In this case it is advisable to take the Specter or the Marshal.

Mark stops to shoot

[SOLVED] : Valorant: 8 tips for getting started with our beginner's guide

Valorant, like CS: GO, has quite peculiar gameplay when it comes to shooting. It may for example disconcert Call of Duty players because the license has a style a little more nag and realistic shall we say. It is therefore very important to make stops when shooting to be as precise as possible. Moving while shooting is simply a guarantee of losing your duel. In 90% of cases shooting enemies directly in the head is the best option to defeat them quickly. Practice is therefore required if you are not used to this precision of shots.

Customize your sight

[SOLVED] : Valorant: 8 tips for getting started with our beginner's guide

In order to be always more precise, a good sight can make a small difference. Each player has their preferences and this can benefit you in terms of visibility. Whether static or dynamic, with or without a point in the center, red or blue, every detail is important. So do not hesitate to test several to find the one with which you will be most comfortable and chain shots in the head.

To do this, simply go to the game settings (top left on the home page) and go to the crosshair tab.

Hope this beginner’s guide to Valorant will help you win your games and have fun. You can also continue your discovery of the game with our first video review on Valorant.