Amazfit app: new look, same flaws

In the time that I have been using Amazfit products, I have rarely seen so many changes in an Android application. It seems like every six months there is a big graphical overhaul. The brand seems to be struggling to find a real identity and keep it …

From the all-white look of a few months ago, we are moving to a dark interface enhanced with bright colors, a bit like Garmin.

[SOLVED] :  What are the differences between Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit T-Rex Pro?  Part two

The main menu displays your steps for the day, calories burned and time asleep in a semi-circle. Below, you have several graphs such as the heart rate, the sleep score with the various phases or the number of consecutive days when you have fulfilled your goals.

We also observe the appearance of a new datum called PAI. It’s a bit the equivalent of cardio points at Google Fit, but here they are much more difficult to accumulate. The goal is to be active every day to increase this score. Depending on your successes, it will adapt to motivate you to always try harder.

[SOLVED] :  What are the differences between Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit T-Rex Pro?  Part two

The rest of the application is dedicated to managing the connected watch. We quickly notice redundancies between the various menus. We have thus counted no less than three ways to change dials or adjust notifications. The Android application finds itself unnecessarily complex, going the opposite of what is offered on the T-Rex. Add to that the often hazardous translations and you have an app that still has a lot of progress to make to stand out …

Sports functions: the essential is there

Connected sport watch requires, the Amazfit T-Rex tries to cover a wide range of physical activities. There are no less than thirteen directly accessible from the Asian tocante:

  • Outdoor running

  • Market

  • Outdoor cycling

  • Swimming in pool

  • Open water swimming

  • Treadmill

  • Indoor cycling

  • Elliptical trainer

  • Exercise

  • Escalade

  • Trail

  • Ski

  • Outdoor hike

For each activity, the metrics recorded are more or less the same: heart rate, duration, calories burned, VO2Max, etc. GPS allows for its speed or altitude if necessary. Strangely, only walking shows a heart rate chart. For water activities, the screen locks automatically. You must then use the buttons to navigate within the data dials.

[SOLVED] :  What are the differences between Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit T-Rex Pro?  Part two

[SOLVED] :  What are the differences between Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit T-Rex Pro?  Part two

The overall precision remains satisfactory. The calculation of the heart rate seems to hold water and follows the variations during the activities as closely as possible. On the other hand, we had some random cuts in the GPS signal. This only happened in one year, so nothing too bad. Overall, the tracking is good enough for anyone looking for a small sport watch that gets to the point. It is just a shame to note the absence of an SPO2 sensor, something which is becoming more and more widespread in the mid-range. Note also the absence of a counter for the floors climbed.

[SOLVED] :  What are the differences between Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit T-Rex Pro?  Part two

Now let’s take a look at sleep tracking. While not comfortable to wear overnight, the Amazfit T-Rex does a good job when it comes to monitoring sleep quality. She is able to detect the hours of falling asleep and waking up. During my tests, I had a few restless nights with nocturnal awakenings. The latter were spotted each time. The watch thus spotted my chronic tendency to lack deep sleep. Some advice is therefore given in order to improve things.

[SOLVED] :  What are the differences between Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit T-Rex Pro?  Part two

In the end, the Amazfit T-Rex makes a good health companion given its price. It does not innovate in anything, but is doing well in health monitoring. What more could you ask for at this price?

Connected functions: the great void

We already talked about it earlier in this test, but let’s go back in more detail to the so-called “intelligent” capacities of the Amazfit T-Rex. If you are looking for a companion of the same ilk as the Apple Watch and company, then go your way.

The T-Rex is the most minimalist. Due to a lack of speaker and microphone, she cannot benefit from the services of an Alexa-type intelligent assistant. For this kind of function, you have to look at the side of the Amazfit Verge.

Also forget the idea of ​​using wireless headphones like the Sony WF-1000XM3: the Chinese watch does not have any internal memory on board to store music. The best she can do is control the current playback on the smartphone. To do this, you have to launch your songs on Tidal, Qobuz or other, then open the Music application of the watch. If the T-Rex screen goes off, you have to open the application again by browsing through the list. We have already seen more practical …

[SOLVED] :  What are the differences between Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit T-Rex Pro?  Part two

In terms of notifications, it’s just as simplistic. You will only be able to read what is happening. Sometimes the name of the issuing application is not even listed. It is also impossible to reply to SMS or emails. Deleting a notification on the watch does not erase it from the smartphone either. In short, other than reading a message quickly, you won’t be doing anything else with your notifications.

Closed system requires, the Amazfit T-Rex suffers from the same defect as many of its mid-range counterparts: the inability to add applications from a dedicated store. We must therefore be satisfied with what is on the watch, that’s all. As for the dials, there are about twenty on the application. If necessary, unofficial dials are available on the net. It’s better than nothing.

You will understand, the “smart” part of the T-Rex is clearly not the most developed. Unfortunately, this is symptomatic of most entry-level and mid-range watches on the current market …

Battery life: as solid as the watch itself!

In the area of ​​autonomy, Amazfit watches and other connected bracelets created by Xiaomi are often at the top of the basket. This is the advantage of closed and relatively light systems against greedy monsters like WearOS.

The T-Rex therefore promises us on paper up to 20 days of autonomy in normal use, understand by this with the screen that is activated when the wrist is raised, ten notifications per day and a little sport with GPS enabled.

[SOLVED] :  What are the differences between Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit T-Rex Pro?  Part two

In fact, the battery does not last as long. After a week of relatively moderate use, we were at 50% battery life, the GPS having never been used during this time. At first glance, we can hope to hold the charge for a maximum of ten days by doing about 1 hour of activity per day. If this is far from the initial promise, it remains a very good score in the world of connected watches.

If necessary, the low power mode cuts the connections to keep only a black and white display, as well as the step counter and the sleep tracker. In this scenario, the brand promises us an autonomy of up to 30 days. Not bad !

[SOLVED] :  What are the differences between Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit T-Rex Pro?  Part two

On the charging side, Amazfit seems to have remembered the mistakes made with the horrible dock of its Verge model. This brings us back to a magnetic base that is easier to use. Once plugged in, it takes two hours to charge the T-Rex. A classic time in the field of connected watches.

Amazfit T-Rex: the verdict of Clubic

In the big world of Amazfit smartwatches, the T-Rex is a model apart. It clashes with its reinforced design capable of withstanding the worst conditions. With it, backpackers will be equipped with a connected watch capable of following them to the highest peaks.

But for the rest, we must admit that we remain unsatisfied. We lose many functions such as Wi-Fi or storage memory allowing music to be loaded. The connected part is of the poorest, much more than on the other watches of the mark at equivalent price …

In the end, unless you are looking for a reinforced sports watch with good battery life, we can hardly recommend this Amazfit T-Rex to you. It suffers not only from external competition like the Huawei Watch GT2e, but also from its own internal competition. For 10 € more, the Stratos is more complete although not reinforced. Or else the Verge model at 129 € which goes further in functionality, except for the solidity side.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro: the watch ready to push your limits

Amazfit recently presented its new adventurer watch: the T-Rex Pro. In addition to bearing the name of the most famous dinosaur, the T-Rex Pro is a really enduring watch. It was designed to push your limits. And passed 15 military tests which allow us to say that it can “withstand most extreme conditions and all sporting challenges”.

Inspired by their previous model, the T-Rex, this new connected watch is the perfect companion for your sports training sessions. Developed for the extreme, it is waterproof to 10 ATM, i.e. a depth of 100 meters underwater, perfect for sport swimming.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro: Monstrous features

The T-Rex Pro lives up to its name. Amazfit’s new ultra-sporty connected watch is able to adapt to the most enduring athletes.

With his aggressive, robust design, the T-Rex Pro displays all the necessary information on its 1.3 inch AMOLED display, of a 360 × 360 resolution pixels. Built to resist, the T-Rex Pro is lightweight, 60 grams. Son silicone strap allows adaptable use. The T-Rex Pro is available in three colors: Sand Gray, Meteorite Black, and Steel Blue.

[SOLVED] :  What are the differences between Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit T-Rex Pro?  Part two

[SOLVED] :  What are the differences between Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit T-Rex Pro?  Part two[SOLVED] :  What are the differences between Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit T-Rex Pro?  Part two

On the functional side, you will have access to a system for measuring the blood oxygen saturation, four global satellite navigation systems (GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou / Galileo), a barometric altimeter and more than 100 sport modes. In addition to a heart rate monitor, full sleep tracking, weather plotter, compass and barometric altimeter. All this allows you to never be caught off guard, and increases the safety of your activities. The T-Rex Pro is equipped with the Firstbeat ™ algorithm which shares precise data such as maximum oxygen uptake, full recovery time and training load. This new connected watch can also automatically recognize eight sport modes thanks to the ExerSense ™ algorithm.

When using a sport mode, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro displays your training heart rate. But also the distance traveled, speed of movement and calories burned in real time. Amazfit helps you track your performance, and most importantly, improve yourself. The T-Rex Pro you informs about weather changes. Its weather plotter displays the times of sunrise and sunset, the day’s weather trend and alerts you in the event of a risk of a thunderstorm. His heart rate sensor records data in real time, 24 hours a day, and gives an alert if the heart rate gets too high.

Smart notifications and a home app

The T-Rex Pro accompanies you every day, with its smart notifications. It displays all messages, calls and can also control your music and your playlists during physical activities. You can set alarms directly on the watch.

[SOLVED] :  What are the differences between Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit T-Rex Pro?  Part two

For optimal and sporty use, the T-Rex Pro presents a 18-day battery life, in normal use mode, and up to 9 days with intensive use. If you use the GPS during continuous working time, the autonomy is around 40 hours. The T-Rex Pro is equipped with a magnetic charger who performs a full charge in 1h30.