It was to be expected that in a game as demanding as Cyberpunk 2077 the differences between console and PC versions They were remarkable, but according to what was seen in recent broadcasts, and in the videos uploaded to the networks by users, things seem to leave a lot to be desired.

As reported from CD Projekt Red the console preloads already included the famous day 1 patch that presumably fixes many of the game’s bugs, not the physical versions that require an update to between 60 and 75 GB in the case of PC and Xbox, and 110 GB on the PlayStation platforms.

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The latter seem to get the worst of it, especially with the original versions of PS4. However they seem to be fairly random cases And, while some users seem to be running into every possible problem, others admit to having come across just a couple of bugs – especially PS5 users.

Something more hopeful seems the version of Xbox One and Xbox Series, which despite staying below what is seen on PC does seem much more stable. Next, for example, you have an example of gameplay of the game running in the first version of Xbox One.

In any case, pending future patches, comparisons or statements of CD Projekt Red, the most sensible option seems to be to opt for the PC version or wait a few days / hours to see what happens with the consoles, especially if you have the base versions of both machines.

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