In terms of smart speakers, the trailblazer is undoubtedly Sonos. While they weren’t the first to put microphones on their speakers, they offered some pretty convincing capabilities thanks to technology. And it should be remembered that the company has been selling its sound systems since 2006, bring home multi-room sound even before the iPhone existed. And today they continue to prove to be one of the main brands in the market with a high quality standard.

It is therefore not surprising that the opinion of John MacFarlane, co-founder of this brand, has such relevance in the public address system market. Or even, on the same music streaming platforms. Sonos takes over a decade work with these departments to be able to integrate their libraries into the company’s audio systems. Thanks to this, the users of these can enjoy music from platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music among others.

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For this reason, if anyone knows what it’s like to work with these companies, it must be someone like John MacFarlane. And recently, via Twitter, he shared some interesting statements about the irony of the situation that Spotify claims Apple is opening up its ecosystem, as they’ve been asking for some time. Apparently, after working with both companies, The Spotify ecosystem is even more complicated than that of Apple.

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For him, who has already recalled that he has a lot of respect and admiration for both companies, it seems clear that those of Cupertino, despite the closed nature of their ecosystem, offer many more features than Spotify. And if it is to be remembered that Apple still has a long way to go to offer the same opportunities to all of its developers, the truth is that this awakening could serve as a reminder to Spotify that they also have work ahead of them.

Source: Techradar