Sony bans cross-platform multiplayer for kids.

Neither Minecraft nor Rocket League PS4 players can play with the camp of other consoles, and one of Sony’s leaders has put up a pretty interesting reason to defend their position.

At E3, two very popular game makers have unveiled a cross-platform multiplayer mode for their creation: in addition to Minecraft, Rocket League’s recently announced version of Switches revealed that shoppers will also be able to play against PC and Xbox gamers. The PS4, on the other hand, was missing everywhere.

One of Mojang’s staff also indicated that they would certainly welcome PlayStation owners, and in fact, Psyonix specifically stated that it was only awaiting approval for the Rocket League, the technology part had already been resolved. At E3, he was also asked about it by PSogamer’s chief marketing officer, PS Jim Ryan, but was the first to get an evasive answer.

Sony bans cross-platform multiplayer for kids

“By no means do we have any problems with this in principle. We’ve done this in the past. We always talk openly with all developers and publishers who try to do this. Unfortunately, it’s also a business dialogue with our shareholders, but I don’t want to say more about it.”

The reporter then replied that PlayStation owners only see that they are missing out on cross-platform gaming, which would be good to get an explanation for. And Ryan was able to do this:

Sony bans cross-platform multiplayer for kids

“We need to think about our player base. Minecraft’s player base, as is well known, is made up of children of all ages. We have a contract with everyone who plays online on our consoles, we pay attention to them, they can play in a controlled PlayStation universe. – external influences that we cannot control; we need to think carefully about this. “

He later added that this situation would not necessarily remain until the end of time, but their position did not seem to change any time soon. A SamaGame staff member highlighted that the famously child-friendly Nintendo has also entered the cross-platform game, but Ryan has only said that everyone has to make their own decisions.

Sony bans cross-platform multiplayer for kids

How legitimate it is to cover up with this is not an easy question. The argument that they would not be able to ban players playing on other platforms who behave unacceptably to them from the common ecosystem seems acceptable. And in Minecraft, there could be a lot of non-child-friendly content that isn’t as easy to control as, say, a text chat. In terms of practical implementation, however, the picture does not come together: in the case of the Rocket League, it was previously allowed to play together with the PC audience, apparently they only have problems with the players of the other consoles.

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Sony bans cross-platform multiplayer for kids