Although the PlayStation 5 is primarily a video game console, the console will be able to read Blu-Ray 4K Ultra-HD (a feature that was not available on PS4 or PS4 Pro).

Taking this feature of the console (also present in both Xbox Series), Sony Pictures created a line of films called “PS5 | 4K Movie Essentials”. The Spider-Man film trilogy (Far From Home / Homecoming / Into The Spider-Verse) is the first product to be included in this line.

The film trilogy with the new “Essential 4K Movies on PS5” packaging is available on Amazon UK for £ 50 (around 55 euros).

It should be explained that the films in this package are compatible with any Blu-Ray 4K Ultra-HD player (including Microsoft consoles), so it is not exclusive. It’s just a marketing tactic that joins the strength of Sony Pictures with PlayStation.

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