Sony denies rumors about possible take-two acquisition.

A few hours after rumors started circulating that Sony was in “advanced talks” for the Take-Two acquisition, the Japanese company denied that possibility. According to Yuji Nakamura, technology reporter at Bloomberg in Tokyo, the company confirmed that there is no truth in the information released.

Everyone including Wedbush already knew this, but here you go for the record: Sony confirmed to me there’s “no truth” to reports that it will acquire Take Two

Sony denies rumors about possible take-two acquisition

– Yuji Nakamura (@ ynakamura56) March 14, 2019

Nakamura adds that, among those who know the truth, is Wedbush Securities, which is supposed to be responsible for confirming the information. The situation caused speculation to result in a 4.7% appreciation in Take-Two’s shares, thanks to information that Sony would be willing to pay $ 130 per share during the acquisition.

Sony denies rumors about possible take-two acquisition

Wedbush denies being the source

Consulted by Games Industry International, Wedbush analyst Joel Kulina, who had been linked to the rumor, said he was not the source of the information. “This is pure speculation in the unconfirmed market that is circulating,” he declared. “I’m not sure who quoted me, since I didn’t speak to anyone on the phone.”

Sony denies rumors about possible take-two acquisition

While neither Sony nor Take-Two should make official statements on the matter, due to its policy of not commenting on rumors, the whole situation was strange from the beginning. Although the Japanese manufacturer is a big name in the industry, Take-Two owns brands like Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2K and Borderlands and great market value, elements that would help make a transaction of the type quite difficult and expensive.