Sony Ericsson leaks and XPERIA X3 leaks.

For about three months now, we have had several leaks of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X3even a video was shared on the network showing the interface that would be used to accompany the Android system, now a new image of the terminal has arrived from a Russian medium to enliven its prominence a bit.

The image of the latest Xperia, also known as Rachelis not of great quality, but it has all the earmarks of being a real terminal, and encourages us to think that its release on the market is close. The rumor mill has started coming to light a series of characteristics that we are going to share with you.


Sony Ericsson leaks and XPERIA X3 leaks

A few months ago we already had a first batch of specifications, this time they dare to determine that the chipset used will be the Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon at 1 GHz, and that will have the different connectivity present in this type of terminal, WiFi, HSDPA or receiver gps.

Another important detail that they inform us of is their 4 inch capacitive touch screen (852 × 480 pixels), and comments again on its autofocus camera and 8 megapixel sensor. As for the operating system, as we can read in the source, it uses Android version 1.6.

Sony Ericsson leaks and XPERIA X3 leaks

On the other hand SEMC Blog, Sony Ericsson specialists, confirm these characteristics, but also dare to ensure that the phone will be on the market this month of November. In this sense they disagree with the boys of SlashGear they affirm that it will be January the moment of putting on sale, we will see who is right with so much rumor.

Losses and a hopeful future

Changing the subject, I would like to comment on the financial situation of the company, yesterday Sony Ericsson announced its results for the third quarter of this year, and although they are far from good, they are a little better than those obtained in the second quarter.

Sony Ericsson leaks and XPERIA X3 leaks

Sony Ericsson sold 14.1 million phones in the third quarter of 2009, compared to 25.7 million in the same period of 2008, or 13.8 million in the second quarter of 2009.

The company estimates that its current market share is 5%and the average sale price of its terminals is 114 euros, 122 euros in the previous quarter.

Sony Ericsson leaks and XPERIA X3 leaks

In short, the result has been negative, with losses of 198 million euros, but that is seen in a positive way if we remember the 283 million that were lost in the previous quarter.

Fortunately, now a harvest season is coming, in which terminals as important as the Xperia X2, Satio, Aino either Yari come onto the market, or the announcement of the aforementioned Sony Ericsson Xperia X3I am sure they will give a boost to the situation.