Sony Ericsson has surprised us this morning, and in a positive way, since we are not going to talk about updates that are delayed, but about a promising accessory for your phones, which requires Android 2.x for its funtionability.

We already know that the joint-venture is characterized by its good designs, that from time to time they present original ideas, as this is also to be expected, but that they have taken their “notifying watches” to the level of Sony Ericsson LiveView It’s something we hadn’t even thought of.

Sony Ericsson LiveView presents exactly the same idea as at the time RIM he showed us with his BlackBerry inPulse, but this time they were ahead of the market. We are going to see a video with which it will be clear to us what we can do with the accessory:

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Entering to describe the accessory, for those who cannot see the video, we inform you that it is practically a 1.3-inch screen with OLED technology (128 × 128 pixels), around which four sensors and a couple of physical buttons have been arranged. With them we can control all the possibilities of Sony Ericsson Live View.

The raison d’être of the device is to present all the notifications from our Android mobile phone on the small screen, even being able to perform some action from the device, so that we can save our phone and Sony Ericsson LiveView We will monitor the main activities. The communication between the two is done through bluetooth.

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But It’s also a watch, and not because it has the functionality, but because the set comes with a strap to which the device is attached. It also has a second option based on a holding clip, as you can see in the images.

They have not been content to include messages, music controls, calendar, missed calls or emails on the device, it will also inform us of updates on major social networks (Facebook, twitter) and even has a mini reader RSS.

Sony Ericsson LiveView It is compatible with all Android phones from the Xperia family, and outside of it we can also use it with the Samsung Galaxy S and the htc desire. We don’t know if the list will be extended, but what is clear is that it needs Android 2.1 to work.

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Finally, I would like to highlight that the operation for developers is similar to that of a widget but located in an external element, the APIs to use the accessory are released by Sony Ericsson, so with a bit of luck we will begin to see developments third party leveraged Sony Ericsson LiveView.

He Sony Ericsson LiveView It will appear on the market in the last quarter of the year, and the fact is that the product is finished but it needs Android updates to reach the phones that are on the market, and it would be quite strange for a Samsung Galaxy S user to enjoy the accessory before one of Xperia X10.

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Update: The latest news we have about its price is that it will be approximately 59 euros, and it will be available in November.

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