During the last edition of CES, which took place in Las Vegas at the beginning of January, Sony surprised us with an unexpected announcement: I already had the Vision-S ready, his first electric car. To bring this project to fruition, the Japanese brand has teamed up with other companies, including Magna, NVIDIA, Continental, Bosch and Qualcomm, in a clear attempt to get into the business of not just electric cars, but also from the car. autonomous.

Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony, explained during his presentation at CES that Vision-S is currently a prototype which, yes, is loaded with technology developed by Sony. There is nothing less than 33 different sensors designed to develop its potential as an autonomous car; a large panoramic screen that collects vehicle information and allows us to access settings, cameras or the browser; and an audio system that Sony calls 360 Reality Audio and which promises us an unprecedented capacity for immersion, true to what Sony itself says.

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Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida explained during his presentation at CES that Vision-S is a prototype which, yes, is loaded with technology developed by Sony.

The interior of a car has acoustic characteristics that are not conducive to reproducing sound with a certain quality, but it will be interesting to see how this Sony technology behaves if at some point the opportunity to test this vehicle introduces himself. And is that, and this is the real news, the Japanese power plant of the company has confirmed that it will start testing this prototype electric car on public roads, an important step forward that invites us to think that the course of this project is perhaps more ambitious than we thought when we discovered this car at CES.

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Already advanced enough to be tested on public roads

The way Yoshida presented this car and the fact that Sony partnered with a wide range of companies to make this prototype possible seemed to reflect that Vision-S’s goal is none other than to demonstrate. the potential of certain technologies developed by Sony applied to electric and autonomous cars. There is no doubt that this is a strategy that can work very well if the intention of this company is to enter a market with the obvious potential of the electric car.

That probably hasn’t changed and, indeed, Vision-S’s role is exactly that. In this context, the road tests that have just been announced by Sony may represent, precisely, the baptism of fire that this brand needs to demonstrate to manufacturers of electric and autonomous cars that its technology works. But there is also another possibility that we cannot rule out, and that if it were to prosper, it could bring us more interesting surprises: maybe these first test drives are aimed at demonstrating the viability. in a real use scenario not only technologies that Sony implemented in this car, but also the Vision-S as a fully functional prototype.

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Sony is unlikely to consider entering this relatively foreign market on its own, but it should not be forgotten that this prototype is the result of joint work with companies that have an obvious specific weight in the sector. automobile. , like Magna, Bosch or Continental. For this reason, it does not seem unreasonable to consider the possibility that the project that made Vision-S possible will continue this in the medium term. a new actor appears in the automotive sector participated by these brands. For now, we have no choice but to settle for the official information released by Sony: its electric car will be on Japanese roads during the current fiscal year.

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