Sony Introduces Special Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Walkman with Android and Hi-Res Sound

On this second day of IFA 2019, Sony has presented its Xperia 5 smartphone and the Sony WI-1000XM2, a new format of its successful noise-canceling headphones to continue enjoying music wherever you are. And it is that the Japanese firm is an institution in mobility sound. Much of the blame for this is his iconic Walkman, that device that saw the light in 1979. Four decades later, Sony wanted to honor him launching the special limited edition Walkman 40th anniversary.

This is the new Sony Walkman 40th anniversary

Sony has taken advantage of this Berlin IFA to, although technically its anniversary was celebrated on July 1, to present its Sony Walkman 40th anniversary NW-A100TPS, inspired by the legendary TPS L2 but with important variations.

And it is that to begin, not a Walkman, but a “disguised” music player – as we will delve further later – belonging to the NW-A100 series, also presented at IFA 2019.

How far the cassettes are. The NW-A100 series music players offer an Android-based interface. Saving the distances, something similar to what Apple does with its recently renewed iPod Touch.

Thus, although they lack a SIM card slot, they have a touch screen to handle them, stock apps and others that we can install. In the connectivity section, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect wireless headphones. For the moment, we will have to wait to delve deeper into the hardware section, although we know that Supports LDAC codec providing Hi-Res sound.

The storage of the NW-A100 series models is 16GB, they include a microSD card slot and, in addition to the classic 3.5 mm jack port, they come with a USB-C port to charge them, offering an autonomy of up to 26 hours, of agreement with the manufacturer. The pack includes headphones with noise canceling function, the IER-NW510N.

Sony Introduces Special Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Walkman with Android and Hi-Res Sound

But let’s go back to the most interesting model for the nostalgic: the special limited edition Sony Walkman 40th anniversary NW-A100TPS.

What’s so special about it? In this case, we will find the 40th anniversary logo engraved on the back, it has a screensaver in the form of a cassette like the ones used by the original that emulates the operation of the tape and that changes color, a soft casing reminiscent of the TPS L2 . In addition, it comes in a special cardboard packaging with a retro design.

Price and availability of the Sony Walkman 40th anniversary

Both the NW-A105 and NW-A100TPS will be released in Europe from November. The price of the NW-A105 is 350 euros and, if we prefer the special limited edition Sony Walkman 40th anniversary, the price will be 440 euros.