It is well known that Sony is working on a new console, of which nothing official has yet been revealed.

However, news of a PlayStation 5 lingers in the minds of fans and the new Christmas theme caught the attention of some.

The new Christmas theme that, every year Sony makes available to players to be able to adorn their machine, started to generate speculation due to the “S” present in the word PlayStation.

Players with lynx eyes noticed something peculiar in this new theme: although the first scene says “Happy Holidays” with a normal “S”, the next scene reveals the word Playstation with an S that most resembles a 5.

In other words, it looks like Sony wrote Play5tation.


Look at the S in “Holidays.”
Now look at the S in “PlayStation.”

Did @PlayStation just low key announce the PS5 in their holiday theme ???

– Mike Peterson (@bmikeyp) December 18, 2018 Manage cookie settings

Rumors about the new console became more intense when the company announced that in 2019 it would not be present at E3, giving rise to speculation that they could use this week to make the big reveal. However, there is a possibility that the official announcement is reserved for PlayStation Experience (PSX). We will have to wait.

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