Sony news at PMA 2010.

Sony has decided not to beat around the bush, and in order not to give rise to more rumours, they have decided to tell their plans of releases for this 2010. However, they haven’t released anything yet.

For now, what they have told us is that they are going to launch a EVIL camera to enter to compete in the large sensor compact market. In this case the system is not Micro Four Thirds, but APS-Cso this camera promises better quality than its competitors.

Sony news at PMA 2010

For users of the reflex Alpha, Sony has talked about a successor to the A700 that for the first time in a Sony SLR, will record video in High Definition using the codec AVCHD. At the moment we don’t know anything about its name, but we do know that it will be smaller than the A700.

Regarding the objectives, we know that Carl Zeiss will shoot a wide angle of 24mm F2 and Sony a Sony G super telephoto lens 500mm F4.

Sony news at PMA 2010

Sony Alpha mirrorless SLR

As the latest rumors pointed out, Sony does not want to be left behind in this market of compact interchangeable lenses, in which only the big ones remain to enter: Nikon and Canon. These, for now, prefer to stay behind the barrier watching and not enter until this market has just taken off.

From what Sony has told, these new mirrorless Alpha would carry a sensor CMOS APS-C sized (unlike its rivals, which use a Four Thirds sensor. The Samsung NX mount a sensor APS-Cbut are considerably larger) and Video recording in high definition.

Sony news at PMA 2010

Unfortunately, these new cameras will mount a new bayonetso unless the relevant adapters come on the scene, Sony Alpha users will not be able to use their lenses.

At the moment not much more is known about this new Sony system, since the official images are still renders of the prototypes. For now, it is rumored that its sensor will be of 14 megapixels and will belong to the Alpha rangethanks to the clue that the logo of this family on his body gives us.

Sony news at PMA 2010

For now, we also don’t know anything about the lenses that these new cameras will bring in the kit; but rumors of a 18-200mm SUV and a fixed focal pancake.

New Sony Alpha SLR

Sony has finally decided to introduce the video function on their Alpha series SLRs. It is quite surprising that a company like Sony, which bets so heavily on video in its compact cameras and who are experts in this field (even more than in photography), had not implemented this function that is so widespread in the SLR world.

The codec used to record these videos will be the one known AVCHD, widely used in high-definition camcorders. We assume that the resolution chosen for the recordings is Full HD 1080p.

Sony news at PMA 2010

Among so many things, one aspect that they have made quite clear is the launch of a successor model to the A700 (whose name we do not know) and more high-end bodies.

What is not very clear is whether Sony will create a more advanced system to improve the focus of these cameras in Live View mode, where SLRs falter so much. The sensor used will be the new CMOS PHC HD developed by Sony.

For now, Sony has not confirmed the exact launch of these new cameras, but we assume that it will be throughout the year 2010.

Sony news at PMA 2010

Here we also have the official video where Sony shows us these supposed EVIL: