We have spoken on other occasions about Google Cast, the system devised by Google that allows the communication of our _gadgets_ (the compatible ones) in order to transmit images and sound between them without the need for cables and more and more manufacturers are joining this trend.

In this case we are going to talk about Sony, because the Japanese giant has put on the market your new multi-room audio equipment made up of a sound bar and two speakers, with the particularity of being compatible with Google Cast and thus being able to have our music in every room of the house.

The sound bar is Sony HT-NT5 and has six speakers arranged at an inclined angle upwards to facilitate better sound distribution. The bar comes equipped with Super Tweeter technology from Sony to achieve high quality sound, so that even if we use Google Cast, we can have all the excellence of our music, whether it is stored on our device or available via _streaming_.

As for the speakers presented, these are the models Sony SRS-ZR7 and SRS-ZR5. Both have the aforementioned multi-room system and are compatible with Google Cast.

In the case of Sony SRS-ZR7we are facing the higher category model, larger (with dimensions of 8.5 x 29.2 centimeters) and features S-Master HX technology which keeps noise to a minimum. It offers HDMI connectivity so you can connect directly to your TV, two USB sockets (USB A and USB B) to connect another device, a stereo mini-jack plug and an Ethernet input on the rear.

He Sony SRS-ZR5 It is the lower model, with a more compact design (10 x 16 centimeters) and it also has a connection HDMI, USB A and a stereo mini-jack plug along with Bluetooth and support for NFC LDAC.

both speakers we can control them through the SongPal applicationavailable on iOS and Android with which we could already manage other audio devices from the Japanese brand such as its Sony NWZWS615B wireless and sports headphones.


Price and availability

Both the soundbar and the speakers will be Available from mid-May with prices that will be 230 euros for Sony SRS-ZR5 speaker, 299 euro if we opt for the SRS-ZR7 and 800 euros if we get hold of the Sony HT-NT5 sound bar.

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