At the beginning of the week I was able to receive another high-end smartphone from the postman I trust, which now has to pass a test run with me again. Once again, the guys from stood by my side and made the Sony Xperia S available to me, which now has to prove itself in everyday life and against the competition. Above all, it will be interesting to know why you should currently spend around 150 euros more for an HTC One X or whether the Xperia S is perhaps the better smartphone after all?!

The model made available to me shines in the most beautiful white and looks really good. But shortly before that, the scope of delivery, which is almost as usual, includes a USB cable, power supply unit, headset, the smartphone itself and in this case also the Xperia Smart Tags. So Sony doesn’t outdo itself here and delivers the meanwhile standardized package.

The Xperia S makes a really good impression at first glance, if you can look at it in peace, then it looks different again than it did at the CeBIT booth at the time. Only now did I notice, for example, that the front is almost completely black, so you can hardly see any difference between the display and the frame, which makes for a really delicious-looking deep black front. With most LCD devices, the switched-off display looks rather greyish, which is why you can always distinguish the frame from the display quite clearly. Despite the much smaller display, the Xperia S is just as long as the HTC One X and has a related disadvantage here, because the designers placed the power button on the top left, which is for right-handers with “normal” hands worst place. The difference is again noticeable in the width of the device and the size of the display is also noticeable compared to the competition, since it is much easier to reach all areas of the touchscreen with one-handed operation.

Otherwise, the Xperia S feels really good, even though it’s a bit angular and therefore doesn’t feel so good in the hand, it still looks very high quality. The matte finish suggests that the battery cover is originally metal, but it’s actually made of fairly flexible plastic. The gaps between the case and the battery cover are ugly, unfortunately not everything on the back looks as if it was made from one piece. By the way, the battery cover is pretty pointless, since you only find the microSIM slot underneath, because the battery is permanently installed.

All in all, a pretty nice device with rough edges, small weaknesses in the design, but based on the first impression it is a worthy opponent for One X and Co. I’m excited to see how the part performs in everyday life over the next few days.

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