Sony ZD9, new BRAVIA Z series, “the ultimate 4K HDR TV”.

This is how Sony has presented the new TV series ZD9as “the next generation of screen technology that seeks to convey to the viewer what the creators of the content really had in mind, in such a way that they are able to bring the real world to our living rooms”.

An admittedly pretentious idea that implies an ability to reproduce deeper blacks, brighter highlights, and real-world color. This is what the firm promises by presenting these next-generation models that They come to be at the top of the current range of Sony HDR 4K televisions.

Sony ZD9, new BRAVIA Z series, “the ultimate 4K HDR TV”

The new “Z” label is, according to Sony, a significant step forward and the latest in display technologies taking 4K high dynamic range (HDR) to a new level. To this end, the ZD9 series includes a newly developed 4K image processor called HDR X1 4K Extreme and a unique backlight technology called Backlight Master Drive.

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Sony ZD9, new BRAVIA Z series, “the ultimate 4K HDR TV”

The skills of the new processor

The new HDR X1 4K Extreme has been developed to deliver the ultimate 4K HDR viewing experience improving by 40% the real-time image processing offered by Sony’s X1 4K processor. On the other hand, they have included three new technologies: Object-Based HDR Remastered, Double Database Processing, and Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR.

The processor works by analyzing the images of each scene to correct the color and contrast of each object individually, and object-based HDR remastering technology reproduces scenes with detailed textures and real-life appearance. In addition, it also upscales standard dynamic range HD content to near 4K HDR quality.

Sony ZD9, new BRAVIA Z series, “the ultimate 4K HDR TV”

In addition to the current oversize database, the HDR X1 4K Extreme Processor includes a exclusive database signature to reduce noise. After searching through thousands of image patterns, double database processing removes unwanted noise and upscales all images to a sharp 4K image.

Finally, the Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR seeks to create more natural and sharp images. With 14-bit signal processing, it breaks up solid color banding from 8-bit (FHD) or 10-bit (4K) sources, converting them to the equivalent of a 14-bit gradient with 64 times more levels of color to provide reproduction with subtle color gradations.

Sony ZD9, new BRAVIA Z series, “the ultimate 4K HDR TV”

New Backlight Master Drive technology

On the other hand, the other great novelty of the ZD9 series of BRAVIA HDR 4K televisions is in the technology Backlight Master Drive which was presented by Sony as a prototype at CES 2016. It is a precision system that improve backlightallowing (always according to Sony) to expand the brightness and contrast more than ever to take advantage of the full potential of 4K HDR.

The technology combines a Dense LED structure with exact lighting algorithm and unique optical design. According to Sony, previously local dimming was controlled in zones consisting of multiple LEDs. Now, when combined with a new exact lighting algorithm, the LED control is capable of dim and brighten each LED individually to deliver total precision and unprecedented realism and contrast.

On the other hand, the optical structure with calibrated LED beam design collects the emitted light at a point and centers the transmission area more precisely to offer higher contrast. This further reduces the light spread and flare effect that appears on other full array LED TVs. The idea behind the Backlight Master Drive is deliver unprecedented dynamic range with deep blacks and dazzling highlights for more lifelike scenes than ever.

Sony ZD9, new BRAVIA Z series, “the ultimate 4K HDR TV”

A whiteboard design and Android TV compatibility

Although the technology included in the new ZD9 series is the big news, Sony has not wanted to leave aside other aspects to complete the viewing experience beyond the screen. Thus, the new televisions in this range have a blackboard design designed to “condense the definitive experience”. Viewed from the front, the design has a simple black chalkboard shape intended so that the viewer is immersed in the experience of HDR 4K. At the back, all cables are kept completely hidden so the TV looks stylish from any angle.

On the other hand, the new range of televisions also is compatible with Android TV through an exclusive user interface of the house In this one, one new content bar User interface includes improved content navigation and voice search. In addition, the new bar also integrates a genre filter function so that instead of selecting a program from hundreds of channels, users can easily choose their preferred genre.

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Sony ZD9, new BRAVIA Z series, “the ultimate 4K HDR TV”

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