Sony’s service with more than 600 streaming games now available for PS4 and PC

PlayStation Now, Sony’s streaming service, arrives today in Spain after several weeks in beta. Together with our country, PS Now officially arrives in Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

PS Now will allow you to enjoy more than one catalog with more than 600 games, including such acclaimed titles as ‘The Last of Us’, ‘God of War III Remastered’ or ‘For Honor’. An extensive catalog that will grow month by month and will be available for PS4 and PC users at an official price of 14.99 euros per month or 99.99 euros per year.

What PlayStation Now offers

Those interested can already try PS Now, which does not require any type of installation and has a free 7-day trial period. We are facing a kind of “Netflix of video games”, a streaming service for which we will pay a monthly subscription in exchange for access to a wide catalog of titles.

The subscription service will allow you to download the games from the catalog on the console and run directly to stream play thanks to the cloud. This has several advantages such as game synchronization and the ability to run games from older consoles.

In the PS Now catalog we will find a multitude of games not only on PS4, but also on PS3 and PS2. Titles like ‘Mortal Kombat X’, ‘WWE 2K18’, ‘Red Dead Redemption’, ‘Uncharted 3’ or ‘Bloodborne’ are available on the platform and the promised quality is excellent.

Sony’s service with more than 600 streaming games now available for PS4 and PC

To play you can download the titles (for PS4 and PS2) without depending on the speed of your connection, the negative part is that to play from the cloud you will need a good broadband, at least 5Mbps according to Sony and possibly more to be able to play fluently.

With today’s launch, users in Spain will have access to a service launched 5 years ago and which has long been available in countries such as France or Germany. The price chosen for Spain is also maintained with respect to the rest of the countries.

Sony’s service with more than 600 streaming games now available for PS4 and PC

To access the service, you will have to download its application in the store of your console, or enter this website to download it on PC.

In the case that you play on the computer, you will need to connect a Dualshock 4. A small price to pay to be able to play PS4 games from your PC, without the need to have your own console.

Having the console and games in the cloud is the path that the big manufacturers are following. We want to go from a model where we buy the games individually to a subscription service, where one of the key factors that will determine their success or failure will be the titles available in the catalog.

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