Special Far Cry 6 | what to expect from the game.

Far Cry 6

Far Cry is one of Ubisoft’s best known sagas, alongside Assasins Creed and Watch Dogs and others. And certainly whenever another game is released fans want to see innovations and improvements in the game. And that’s what we’re going to discuss today, what to expect from Far Cry 6.

First, something that is already certain, is that we will have breathtaking landscapes, since the island of Yara is full of nature and mountains, and this can all be seen in up to 4k on the new generation of consoles, which will result in a visual richness in the area of ​​surreal seas and natures. This was already seen in the unfinished version of the game that was played by some press vehicles. So the first thing we can expect from Far Cry 6 is a beautiful landscape and setting.

Special Far Cry 6 |  what to expect from the game

Another important point are the weapons, which unlike previous games, this one will have a wider range of weapons, which are already known as pistols, shotguns, grenades, assault rifles, but besides these, the difference is the improvised weapons where these weapons are different from conventional ones and shoot different projectiles like disks and other objects as seen in the game trailer.

The third point is the companions, who just like in the previous games helped you on the journey during the gameplay, but this time it seems that Ubisoft is inspired by the creation of them even having as animal partners an Alligator, the chorizo ​​a fluffy puppy that distracts enemies , a chicken among others, that is, you will not be alone during the game.

Special Far Cry 6 |  what to expect from the game

And last but not least the Villain who will certainly be as good as the others in the saga, because this time he will be played by Giancarlo Esposito who has already worked as a villain in Breaking Bad and did an excellent job in the series. So expect your character in the game to be extremely well-developed and frightening, just like the villains in the Far Cry series are.

Finally, the Hype for game grows every day, and wait for the 7th, where the game will be released gets harder every day, but for sure this game will not disappoint and will be a great game.

Special Far Cry 6 |  what to expect from the game

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Special Far Cry 6 |  what to expect from the game