There are many types of photographs, but the one with the most creative results is the long exposure. With this technique, we can create images where people, cars or moving objects disappear or where we see their traces once they have passed, to name a few examples. Normally long exposure photographs require professional cameras, but thanks to Specter we can take them directly on our iPhone.

Efficient and easy to use

When we first open Specter, there are little animations that show us how to use the app. Some instructions which, in short, tell us that after pressing the shutter button let’s keep our iPhone as still as possible. And once we capture the image, we can share it as a photo or video.

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The application offers us two different modes. First of all, when there is sufficient lighting, the app makes moving objects disappear in the socket or creates silk effects in moving water. When the lighting is low, the application automatically turns on capture the “paths” of light. In automatic mode, the application, depending on the lighting of the scene we are capturing, will decide which mode to use.

The last option that the app offers us is the exposure times, where we can choose between 3, 5 or 9 seconds. Longer exposure time, even if we have to hold our iPhone a few seconds longer, is undoubtedly outweighed by the results it offers.

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Simple interface and impressive results


Once entered, the application interface is simple, but well designed. On the right side, if we hold the phone horizontally, we find the shooting button, the interval setting, the settings and the button for activate or deactivate stabilization.

On the left side we find the setting Automatic, with which we can decide to use light or blur effect, and the lighting indicator that we will adjust by sliding in the viewfinder.

As for the results, after trying several alternatives, including that of the iPhone’s own Camera app, it continues to surprise me. It is true that in some cases still nearly 10 seconds It may be too much. For these situations we may prefer the Camera app and then apply the effect afterwards, however, if we have time to take the photo with Specter, the result is generally more efficient. For example, all photos illustrating the article are taken through this application.

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Whether it is photographs of traces of light in low light conditions or photographs with a silk effect or the disappearance of moving objects, the Specter application will pleasantly surprise us.

We can acquire Specter in the App Store for a single purchase of 3.49 euros, without subscription or in-app purchases.

Source: Appleinsider