Speed ​​Demons, Destroy Everything and Full Speed ​​to Win (Review) – Apple Arcade.

If you like vehicles and have ever thought what would happen if you could crash without any control, Speed ​​Demons is the simulator you have to know. To win it will not only be necessary to cross the finish line, you must crash into the huge traffic never seen in a video game on modern and endless highways. Do you dare to be a demon behind the wheel?

Speed ​​Demons: Speed ​​Demons, the best races are with aerial view

Something that characterizes Speed ​​Demons, in addition to the crashes, is the aerial view with which you will be able to observe all the vehicles involved in traffic. You will be able to literally drive over all the cars, trucks and any vehicle that crosses your path. Based on the laws of physics, you can zigzag at high speed and eliminate your competitors by displacing them on the long way.

Speed ​​Demons, Destroy Everything and Full Speed ​​to Win (Review) – Apple Arcade

Will you have only one car to play? NO, you will have more than 25 vehicles at your disposal from small hatchbacks to racing cars or huge trucks. If you want you can customize them to your liking as long as you get experience points in each race.

There are 19 different road environments, more than 100 vehicles on a single screen in traffic, modern graphics and a soundtrack that will infect you with the adrenaline of the game itself. Speed ​​Demons is not a classic racing game, it’s a step up to the thrill of endless traffic and you can destroy as you please.

Speed ​​Demons, Destroy Everything and Full Speed ​​to Win (Review) – Apple Arcade

The game environment

I had the chance to explore Speed ​​Demons on the Mac and the controls couldn’t be the best. It is compatible with a remote control, but if you do not have one available it is not necessary. With the directional arrows you can change lanes, brake or invoke a movement to get out of a pileup. The speed is set automatically, all you need is to crash into vulnerable gray vehicles and colored opponents. You will be able to gain more speed if an opponent car drives you from behind.

Speed ​​Demons has 8 different game modes, from the typical race, going through a rally, escape, pursuit, devastation and much more. I have to confess that my favorites were the escape, the chase and the devastation. If they gave me a choice, maybe I would stay with the devastation. In this game mode you have to drive a passenger truck knocking down as many vehicles as you can for a limited time.

Speed ​​Demons, Destroy Everything and Full Speed ​​to Win (Review) – Apple Arcade

And if these game modes aren’t enough for you, Speed ​​Demons has hundreds of events available with which you can compete and challenge different opponents. These events are customized with vehicles and game modes available, it’s up to you if they catch your eye.

If racing games bore you, give Speed ​​Demons a try

In both shooters and racing games I really like the third person view. I find Speed ​​Demons so adaptable and intuitive that on your first test run you’ll love it. The more you play you will be able to discover more chapters of the story mode. In case you want to explore all the possibilities of the game, it is better to go chapter by chapter and discover the unexpected. Of course, if you want to practice, you can play the different modes until you are ready.

Speed ​​Demons, Destroy Everything and Full Speed ​​to Win (Review) – Apple Arcade

Something that captivates me about Speed ​​Demons is the modern graphics. You will notice that the effects that it gives off both from the vehicles and from the crashes are wonderful. The light show is guaranteed on the road. The soundtrack perfectly accompanies each scene, I suggest you play this title with headphones to get more involved in the action.

You can play on your Mac and continue the game on your iPhone or iPad thanks to seamless iCloud save. In case you don’t want to play on one device for fear of losing your progress, Speed ​​Demons is compatible with all Apple devices. Despite not having multiplayer support, this game is perfect for killing boredom anywhere. Its weight is less than 200 MB so it adapts to any device.

In conclusion, a racing game of 10

Contrary to the laid-back style we saw last week in Lifeslide’s review, Speed ​​Demons will take you on an endless driving adventure. It is very nice to know a title that does not require many hardware resources, you can enjoy it from an iPhone to a Mac, good doses of adrenaline and action are guaranteed.

Speed ​​Demons, Destroy Everything and Full Speed ​​to Win (Review) – Apple Arcade

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