Even after finishing and platinum spider man, I wanted to play more, I liked the game so much as you can see in my review. While I’m generally not a stickler for DLCs, I was pleased to see that the new wall-crawler game was going to have some, and to expand on the story to boot.

With the arrival of “The Assault”, the game’s first paid additional content, we have the presence of Black Cat, an anti-heroine who, throughout her relationship with Spider-Man, acts as both his enemy and his ally, depending on the situation. situation. As expected, this is repeated in the game.

The Assault brings the beginning of a new story involving the arachnid hero, Black Cat and another of the webhead’s enemies, but I will keep the name confidential to avoid spoilers. There are also three new suits for Spider-Man, which are unlocked after certain requirements are met, such as finishing the DLC.

Some of the extra missions that are made available in this new content bring certain innovations in the technical aspect that are not present in the main game, but nothing very glamorous. The most interesting of them occurs precisely involving the character Black Cat, at a given moment where she and you have the opportunity to work as a team. The optional part of the DLC involves obtaining collectibles, completing new score and time challenges, disarming bombs, and taking on the new gang that is causing chaos in the city, which even has a guy who makes use of a swivel machine gun to attack you.

Mary Jane is back, again as Spider-Man’s relentless sidekick, as is JJ Jameson who, through his radio station, focuses exclusively on criticizing the wall-climbing superhero, ensuring a few laughs when he does.

With the absence of substantial new gameplay, The Assault does not do much to increase the game’s content, as in up to 3 hours you can complete literally everything it offers, including trophies. The story leaves some doubts in the air, but at this point it is something to be expected, as we have to remember that this is only the first of three parts of a new plot, which will be continued in November and concluded in December.

It is also important to highlight the presence of a very serious bug in the DLC, which makes the cutscenes start simultaneously with the day and night transition screen of the game, which prevents you from seeing the beginning of some of them. Fortunately, developer Insomniac is aware of the issue and claimed on Twitter that they fixed it in update 1.10, which will be released soon. While it doesn’t come out, before starting to play The Assault, be sure to go to a Research Station and set the time of day to “night”, in order to work around this situation and be able to play smoothly.