The new film of the arachnid hero “Spider-Man: Homecoming” premieres on July 6th in theaters, including in Brazil, but the production has already been acclaimed by the main specialized critics, who have already watched the film in advance.

on the portal Rotten Tomatoesfamous portal that gathers professional reviews and averages the grades, the feature currently has a 92% approval rating from the 37 reviews published (only three were negative so far).

Check out the comments from the main sites below:

“The film is distinctive enough, in concept and execution, to connect and become a considerable success. If so, it could be a key transitional film in the larger comic book movie cinematic universe” – Variety.

“The first solo web-slinger film under the Marvel Studios umbrella (but produced in conjunction with distributor Sony Pictures), it is a sweet, witty, fast-paced romp that captures everything that made Peter Parker and his alter ego so lovely and enduring for over half a century” – IGN.

“It’s so gleefully fun that it’s enough to temporarily cure any superhero fatigue. There’s wisdom and an inventive plot that serves as a reminder of the buoyant fun such films can bring. It may have taken him three tries, but Spider-Man finally went gold” – The Guardian.

“Homecoming is a superhero adventure and is easily the best Spider-Man movie ever released” – Nerdist.
“The movie starts out so loose and sweet and light on its feet like a little Marvel miracle” – Entertainment Weekly.

“Homecoming works both as a (very) fun high school comedy/drama and as a solid Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) superhero movie” – ScreenRant.

“Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man ever. He finds the boy inside the famous hero and brings him out even in the darkest of hours” – Rolling Stone.

“Thinking carefully about how a modern Spider-Man would fit into the character-driven realm of the MCU, the director has not only created a superhero movie full of charm and surprises, but also one of the best films in the MCU” – Comic Book Resources .

“Homecoming nailed it. It’s my favorite MCU movie” – CinemaBlend.

“Most impressively, it’s a blast to watch, fleshing out the sweet comic adventures of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s Den of Geek.

“Homecoming takes Peter Parker in a new direction, not just investing in his teenage world instead of using it as a backdrop, but letting him run to be Spider-Man instead of struggling with the weight of their responsibilities” – Collider.

Between the negative reviewss:

“Hang in there, loyal fans: maybe they’ll get better the second time around” – The Hollywood Reporter.

“This is a true origin story, one that has us hoping for a sequel to a Spider-Man who is no threat to society” – Forbes.