Spider-Man Miles Morales will be one of the launch titles for PlayStation 5 and, although this is not a next-gen exclusive (the game will also be available on PS4), for many it will be a real test of the potential of the new hardware.

Here because Digital Foundry did not hesitate to pass the new adventures of the new Spider-Man under the microscope: how will the new Sony exclusive behave?

If you have already read the reviews of the international and Italian press, then do not expect any surprises: the technical aspect has also been promoted with flying colors by the Digital Foundry experts, who wanted to reserve a particular honorable mention to ray tracing.

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Being a launch title, it was reasonable to expect an “experimental” entry into the world of ray tracing on consoles … and instead, according to Digital Foundry, Insomniac managed to implement it very well, well beyond expectations:

As you can see in the video and images, the ray tracing implementation is great, surprisingly great for a launch title on a brand new console. This amazing technology is still new in the console world and this is only the beginning. Obviously, ray tracing has requirements that impact performance, so how does it all translate? Fidelity mode returns native 4k output at 30 frames per second, combined with Insomniac’s brilliant solution to temporal upscaling for an incredibly sharp image. You may not find it necessary at 4K, but this combination eliminates a lot of aliasing and there is a clear boost of clarity in the game, compared to what can be seen on the PlayStation 4.“.

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Activating ray tracing means sacrificing 60fps, but the results are so amazing that they could convince even fans of screen fluency.

Which side are you on? 60fps for life, or are the visual beauty of Spider-Man Miles Morales and future PS5 titles convincing you otherwise?

If you are interested in the complete technical analysis, we refer you to the long and detailed Digital Foundry article at this address, while our personal opinions are visible in the Eurogamer review.

Source: Digital Foundry

Source : Reddit