Peter Parker has changed beyond recognition in the last two years.

The continuation of Spider-Man from PlayStation 4 is one of the most anticipated PS5 launch titles. The fact that Miles Morales in the Ultimate version will include the refreshed first one may be an additional incentive for some to buy. That’s probably why today’s entry on the official PlayStation blog focuses on the improvements that the remaster of the game will receive. This includes one intriguing change – v Spider-Man on PlayStation 5 we will not see John Bubniak as Peter Parker. Instead, Insomniac Games studio cast Ben Jordan as the superhero. You can see the effect in the video below.

The change of actor may come as a surprise, but the studio explained that this is to better “match” Peter Parker’s model to the expression of Yuri Lowenthal (who lent his voice to the character) captured by the facial capture technique. We can guess that John Bubniak’s face did not perfectly match the facial expressions of the voice actor, which became especially visible in the face of the remaster’s graphical improvements (including the addition of support for the game in 60 frames per second). Lowenthal himself was disqualified by too great an age difference – the face of an almost 50-year-old actor would definitely not fit the role of a twenty-three-year-old superhero.

Apart from the above issue, Insomniac also discussed the mentioned graphical improvements. The developers tried to take full advantage of the possibilities of the new Sony console. In the game we will see ray tracing technology (which will be visible, among others, in reflections in windows), a much more detailed world and new character models. The remaster will also offer support for DualSense controller functions and, of course, almost instantaneous loading of locations (although fans of animations accompanying fast travel will be able to turn them on as an additional setting). Fans of playing in 60 frames per second will get a performance mode, which was presented in the next material (posted below). Unfortunately, the card Spider-Man on PlayStation 5 official website confirms that the fixes do not include native 4K support. The console will use “dynamic 4K”, which means scaling the image to higher values.

The Spider-Man remaster will be available only in digital distribution in the form of a voucher for Spider-Man: Miles Morales in the Ultimate version. The game will be a launch title for PlayStation 5, so we will play it on the day of the Polish premiere of the console, i.e. November 19.

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