spider man

Shortly after Sony’s conference, creative director Bryan Intihar spoke more about the game in live YouTube coverage.

The game world covers a “Manhattan sprawl” and you can web-sling and go wherever you want as much as you like. This was done with the idea that “no obstacles should stand in your way”. Parkour elements adapt to each situation.

Combat is described with the term “acrobatic improvisation” and combines ground and air fighting, webs, scenery and even gadgets to give you the feeling that you are actually moving back and forth quickly within the area. of battle.

The Spidey in the game is Peter Parker, who is 23 years old and has been playing Spider-Man for some time now. He’s just graduated from college and got a job, and has to juggle personal life while fighting crime.

The trailer presented shows a very early part of the game, where he has already defeated an enemy and a new gang has emerged, the “Inner Demons”, who are looking to conquer the territory of this first enemy defeated by the Spider. They are led by Martin Li (Mister Negative), someone known to Peter Parker.

Intihar mentioned that there is “a great story” and that Peter Parker represents himself “really well” within the game.

“It’s a story of the man behind the mask as much as the man inside it, and Peter is an important part of the experience, whether in the story or the gameplay.”

The game will have nothing to do with the movie. Spider-Man: Homecoming. Insomniac wanted to make their own Spidey game and Marvel was on board with the idea.

Finally, the title was running on the PS4 Pro in 4K in the trailer that was presented at the Sony conference. Anyone at E3 will be able to play the game with HDR as well. spider man will be released in 2018.

God of War

The director, Cory Barlog, spoke more about the game after the Sony conference, in the live coverage of YouTube.

With the launch window approaching, he wanted to show more of the game and give people a sense of what Kratos’ journey will be like, reinforcing the relationship between his son Atreus and him, opening up the world and showing more of the combat.

The boat seen in the trailer is controllable and will be used throughout the game, which has a heavy emphasis on exploration. The player has the ability to discover more as he moves through the world and the boat is one of the ways he can get around.

The game isn’t “open world” and is still very narrative-driven, but Barlog wanted to give players the idea of ​​being on a tour bus and being able to hop off whenever they wanted to explore and then hop back on whenever they wanted.

The game world will be “very violent and very big”, believe it or not, but the trailer shown at the conference was of the game running on the standard PS4 and not the Pro. The goal is to make the game even more beautiful in Pro.

Kratos’ ax is his main weapon, while his son’s bow supports him. Cooperation between the two is their fighting style.

While the team can now play the game from start to finish, there’s still “a long road ahead, but it’s looking great,” according to Barlog.

The director also didn’t say what will happen to the World Serpent (pictured), but he did mention that it’s something “unexpected”. This is a friend and not an enemy.

About the puzzles that have always appeared in the franchise, yes, they will also be present in the new game.

God of War will come out in early 2018.

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