Spider-Man – what to expect from his future in theaters?.

February was one of the most memorable months for comic book fans. Marvel and in particular of Spider manwho had the happy news that Sony and Marvel would put their differences aside to enter into a historic deal: work together to use the hero in the Marvel film franchise. That is, if you dreamed of seeing the wall climber in an Avengers movie, now thanks to this agreement this will be possible (but only in 2018, with the release of Avengers: Infinity War).

Well, what can we expect from future of teioso in theaters, after five features and two main actors? What we have already confirmed is that we will have a new actor to play Peter Parker/Spider, and that the relatively unknown Butterfield Wingwho is 18 years old but looks like a 15, is the big favorite – already confirmed by the site Latino Review, but not yet officially by Marvel. Whether he’ll be as good a Spidey as Maguire and Garfield (oh, he was cool too), only time will tell.

Asa Butterfield – the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Spider-Man – what to expect from his future in theaters?

We have also confirmed that his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will take place in “Captain America 3: Civil War(also dubbed Avengers 2.5 by fans), which is currently in production and set for release in May 2016.

Another certainty is that a new solo movie of the hero will only hit the big screens in 2017with the possible title “Spider-Man: The New Avenger🇧🇷 To our delight, Marvel has stated that will not show the origin of the hero again (no more watching Uncle Ben die!) and which will focus on his high school years.

Spider-Man – what to expect from his future in theaters?

And so far this is what we know for sure about the current situation of the arachnid in cinema. New information should emerge when Marvel makes the new actor official, but as a fan of the character since my childhood, I take the opportunity to share with you what I would like, or not, to see in the new film. Check it out below and see if you agree with me:

  • Uncle Ben/Origin – nothing against Uncle Ben, but even those who are not fans are already bald to know that the Spider learned all his moral values ​​from him and Aunt May and their famous mantra “with great power comes great responsibility”. Also, enough of killing the poor guy, let the movie start with him already dead and buried (but we’ll probably have a flashback of him). The origin also gave what it had to give, we already know that he was bitten by a spider, that he will break his head creating a uniform, that he will learn to deal with the powers, blah blah blah… we have already seen this twice, can jump right into the action, which apparently is what Marvel is going to do, according to Kevin Feige, producer of the film: “In the universe of Marvel in theaters, there is already a young man running through the streets of New York with a homemade version of Spider-Man uniform. You just haven’t seen it yet.”
  • No more Green Goblin/Norman Osborn – an excellent character who has great weight in the hero’s universe, but who has already been used extensively in previous films! We want a new main antagonist, and in my case I would vote for King of crimewho before the original Goblin rose from the ashes, was Spidey’s main villain in the comics, when also passed to Daredevil🇧🇷 Incidentally, they could even call Vincent D’Onofrio, who plays the villain in the Man Without Fear series (who could also make a cameo in the Spider-Man movie, did you think that was cool?). Just to remember, the King was the villain in the classic game “The Amazing Spider-Man vs The Kingpin“, for the Mega Drive/SegaCD. Norman Osborn could appear in a secondary role, as a powerful businessman and bad character, perhaps even working for Wilson Fisk, only then to use the Duende in future films (until then, his image will not be as worn out as it is now). Recent rumors suggest that Matthew McConaughey may be the new Norman Osborn in theaters.
  • Girlfriends – We already had Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy, very well interpreted in the cinemas, and as hot as they are, we don’t want to see the same little romantic soap opera with them again. Particularly, I would like to see Aranha making a romantic couple in the cinema with Black cat, I think the two would combine very well on the big screen. But as Marvel has already confirmed that it will focus on Peter Parker’s high school life, and the Cat only appears much later in his adult life, we could have the love triangle Betty Brant/Peter Parker/Liz Allen (and by Flash Thompson), which happens precisely in the high school phase of the character in the comics and was pretty cool, generating several conflicts between the two girls (the popular high school girl versus the more mature and serious secretary of the boss). In addition to being something not explored in the movies, it would please both fans of the comics and those who only follow the movies.
  • Participation of other heroes – Since the hero crossover is in fashion and Spidey now has a long list of characters that could appear in his movie, it would be really cool to have a special appearance by Captain America, Iron Man, Deadpool (he could even be one of the villains , hunting Spidey for a reward) or even Daredevil, as I said in another thread. These four are the ones that best match the teioso and that deserved to appear briefly.
  • JKSimmons – And finally, something the Garfield movies and the Daredevil series didn’t do: for God’s sake, get JK Simmons reprising his role as JJ Jameson, the guy is just perfect for the role.

Spider-Man – what to expect from his future in theaters?