If there is one merit that must absolutely be recognized in Nickelodeon, a popular American network dedicated to children and young people, it is that of having been able to create, over the years, a whole pantheon of characters to whom it is difficult. not to get attached. Among their greatest hits we mention the series of Fairly Oddparents (translated by us as Two Parents), The Rugrats, Jimmy Neutron, Avatar – The Legend of Aang and Spongebob: Squarepants, perhaps the most famous of all time.

The universe of the beautiful yellow navy sponge, born from the mind of Stephen Hillenburg, never too late, is in fact a formidable entertainment product that manages to speak transversely to a practically limitless audience, providing deep reading touches. different depending on the age of the viewer.

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Launched more than twenty years ago precisely on the networks of the American television giant, Spongebob was quickly able to become a true icon of pop culture at the global level, arriving in the cinema with dedicated feature films, becoming the protagonist of musicals theater and, of course, it wasn’t long before we even saw the arrival of a series of video games based on this fantasy world.

Among the various titles in which it was possible to play the role of the sponge with square shorts, Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom is undoubtedly the most appreciated by fans and specialist critics. So it’s no surprise that nearly seventeen years after the original release date on PS2, Xbox, and GameCube, THQ Nordic has thought about putting it in the spotlight with a full Purple Lamp Studios remake that promises to dive in again. fans in light and hilarious atmospheres typical of the universe described by Hillenburg.

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Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Réhydraté is about to arrive on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. We have tried it thoroughly over the past few days and are ready to express our opinion on one of the most representative games of our childhood. Will it age like fine wine or is this remake destined to destroy all the memories we have jealously kept? Let’s find out together!

Rehydrated, of course, repeats the same story seen in the original 2003 Battle for Bikini Bottom, enriching it, however, with never-before-seen cut content. We are in the smiling Bikini Bottom, the hometown of Spongebob and friends, which is about to be overwhelmed by another evil plan from Sheldon J. Plankton, owner of restaurant Chum Bucket and bitter rival of fast food restaurant Krusty. Krab.

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The evil monocular creature, this time, has created an army of robots with the precise intention of invading Mr. Krabs’ tavern and stealing the legendary recipe for Krabby Patty, the tastiest sandwich in the entire ocean. Something, however, is desperately wrong. The plankton forgot to put the lever of his cloning robot into ‘obedience’ mode and as a result all of his mechanical soldiers turned on him, knocking him out of Chum’s bucket and starting to panic the streets of the city. It will be up to our brave hero in yellow and his fellow adventurers to remedy this horrible situation, facing the evil robots and bringing peace to Bikini Bottom.

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This remake of Battle for Bikini Bottom can boast of a completely renewed graphic sector.

The narrative system, also given as a benchmark production target, is a simple pretext to launch the player into a series of bizarre situations that will tear you apart even with a few tasteful laughs but don’t expect a plot full of narrative tricks or twists and turns: it’s still a game dedicated to a fairly young audience.

When it comes to gameplay, however, Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated is set up as the most classic of the sixth-generation platformer games of consoles, thanks to a richness and variety of content that is rather rare in most of the other exhibitors in the world. kind currently available in the market.

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The first of the areas we’ll be exploring, of course, is the residential area of ​​Bikini Bottom which, who has watched even a few episodes of the animated series, will already recognize it at first glance. There’s Spongebob’s pineapple-shaped house, the stone head where Squiddi Tentacolo lives, and the famous rock under which Patrick Stella lives, all in a freely explorable environment that will serve as a hub to go for all other levels.

The entire Battle for Bikini Bottom play structure is based on the collection of artifacts known as the Golden Spatulas that will allow our team of reckless heroes to open doors to new places to be freed from there. grip of evil enemy robots. To do this, you will have to venture into places full of dangers, secrets and alternative routes that will reward your curiosity with collectible bonuses and additional challenges.

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The game’s formula is incredibly fun, even seventeen years after the original launch.

The control scheme is quite simple and accessible to everyone: there is a button dedicated to jumping, one for melee attacks and two for the special abilities of the three characters that we can play. SpongeBob SquarePants, in fact, can use bubbles to fly upwards and smash elevated objects or crash into the ground to activate specific buttons; Patrick can collect certain story elements and throw them to solve simple environmental puzzles or interact with enemies to use them as blunt weapons; Finally, Sandy can use her lasso to slide and travel great distances or destroy opponents from afar.

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In short, variety is certainly not lacking neither from the point of view of gameplay solutions nor, even less, from that of the settings: during the single-player campaign, you will visit all the corners of the narrative universe set up by Stephen Hillenburg, finding most of them support the actors and protagonists of the different episodes of the television series.

If at first glance, however, all of this seems too simple or childish, you should know that Battle for Bikini Bottom can boast of several optional quests that will test your reflexes and accuracy as longtime gamers. Let’s be clear: the difficulty is always calibrated downwards in order to allow easy use even by the little ones but on certain occasions you will find passages decidedly more difficult than the others.

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The level design opens the way for alternate paths, hidden collectibles, and additional challenges.

When it comes to combat, however, you’ll find different types of enemies to stand in your way. There are simple robots that can be taken out with a single frontal attack, hammer-armed robots that will attack you with more vehemence, flying robots that can only be killed with aerial fire and much more. There is also a large selection of bosses which represent a great variation on the theme and are all quite fun to deal with with always different strategies.

Remaining on the subject, we think we only point out a small defect in the detection of the blows that we have encountered sporadically during the combat phases. Our character’s hitbox, in fact, seems slightly larger than its polygonal model and it can happen to suffer a hit even when you are fully convinced that you have avoided it. Nothing serious, however.

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The rehydrated version of Battle for Bikini Bottom also features a new local or online multiplayer mode that will let you choose your favorite character from the roster of 8 and engage in a mad battle against endless hordes of opponents. This is a minor addition that, however, will give you a few moments of absolute pleasure, especially in the company of a friend in the flesh.

As in any respectable remake, however, it’s the tech sector that has received the greatest dose of care. Purple Lamp Studios drastically changed the look of Battle for Bikini Bottom from the original’s pastel color palette to a vibrant, energetic, and vivid presentation, much more in keeping with the original spirit of the series. Even the modeling of the unique characters has gone through a heavy operation, and in this new edition all the protagonists look more like their animated counterparts. A very good job.

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The variety of situations offered is one of the game’s greatest strengths.

The level design, for its part, is still surprisingly pleasant today thanks to the presence of hidden paths, side missions and secret objects that recall the glories of past platforms. The sound sector, which can boast of effects and music borrowed directly from the Spongebob cartoon in addition to Italian, is also good, entrusted to the official comedians of the animated series.

As a reminder, however, we must point out some small problems in the reproduction of textures which are often displayed late (especially during films) and a too long loading screen which excessively breaks the rhythm of the action: small flaws which, we are aware of. ‘hopefully will be fixed with a patch in the short term.

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Ultimately, Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated is a nostalgic plunge into a now-obsolete way of making video games. It is a colorful title, fascinating but above all very playful, free from all the complications and technicalities of more modern productions but just as pleasant, varied and suitable for all ages.

If you are passionate about the world of the famous yellow sea sponge or just want a platform game without too many frills to devote a few hours of your day to, you cannot miss this adventure. Are you ready, guys?

Source : Reddit