SPORT 5 of my gymnastics pieces.

SPORT 5 of my gymnastics pieces

That help you exercise and keep your body smooth.

SPORT 5 of my gymnastics pieces

It’s not about clothing or sports nutrition as you might think. The first time you go to the gym, all you need is a pair of shoes, comfortable clothes and a desire to exercise. But over time the working weights increase, the load on the ligaments and joints increases, and you have to additionally secure them if you do not want to carry a long and hard treatment afterwards. There will also be a gadget, but let’s talk about it one by one.

1. Knee and wrist wraps

Concerned knead bandagesWhen my hands started to hurt, they hurt a lot. I tried medical elastic bandages, but they didn’t help much. I tried medical elastic bands and they didn’t do much good. I also unknowingly bought some junk at the local sporting goods store – likewise, there are such bandages on my wrists, there aren’t any. After that I asked for some normal things from the brand, in this case this Olimp Hardcore Wristband.

SPORT 5 of my gymnastics pieces

There is an elastic band to catch it on the thumb and easily wrap the bandage around the hand, it holds firmly, the velcro is excellent. I’ve been using the kit for a couple of years and have no complaints. Do not worry about the name of the brand and choose any more or less known in the sports field: Gasp, Inzer, Olimp, Better Bodies, Harbinger, etc. The price is $10-20. You can buy at although discounts and better prices are more common on Amazon.

knee bandages I use them during squats and leg curls, emphasizing the area below the knee (I wrap two layers there), which is often a problem. In the past I have managed to injure some ligaments in this area: I did a hard leg workout one day and a 5K fast jog the next day while carrying over 100kg of my own body weight. As a result, I spent a few months healing the ligaments below the knee with all kinds of ointments and treatments, and then I put on the proper bandages and started running very carefully.

SPORT 5 of my gymnastics pieces

Now I prefer to ride my bike, and if I run I wrap my legs with elastic bandages below the knees just in case. The recommendations are similar to those for bracelets: choose any of the more or less well-known brands. Some of the best are Inzer.

There are variants with and without velcro, but it is better to wear it without, since it will not last long (too much tension) and then it will only get in the way. You can search similarly on Amazon, and other sports stores abroad. Prices range from $15 and more expensive.

SPORT 5 of my gymnastics pieces

PS Wrap the wrist and knee straps immediately before exercise and remove during rest. They should not be left on the extremities permanently.

2. Wristbands

It is a very useful accessory for pull-ups with an impressive own weight, it also helps to hold heavy weights and to focus on the muscle that works and not on the fact that the arms are tired and no longer support the weight.

In this case, you can not stress at all about the brand and buy any belt you can find, or make it yourself from an old belt from a judo kimono, for example. I personally bought some unnamed model for $3 In the same store where I used to buy useless Chinese bracelets. If you want something from a well-known brand, here’s a model from Harbinger, plus there are plenty of deals on

SPORT 5 of my gymnastics pieces

3. Weightlifting Belt

It is used during heavy squats and in a number of other exercises where there is an axial load on the spine. weight belt It protects your lumbar spine from injuries, and also, as the great bodybuilders of all life say, it keeps the stomach in place so that the abdominal muscles do not stretch with the load. Although I personally don’t believe in the latter.

It is better to take models made of natural leather. Reinforced-backed, Velcro-backed nylon straps are not very durable and hold poorly. You don’t have to worry about the brand either. For example, my relatively cheap Matsa (it was about $30 at the time of purchase) has been living in the gym for three years and has only now started having problems with the buckle. If she hadn’t left it in the gym, it would still be good as new. On average, the issue price fluctuates between $20 and more. Traditionally a good selection on Amazon and

4. Elbow clamp

Sometimes your elbows hurt, sometimes the ligaments around them – this type of clamp or something similar helps a lot. Of course, I’m not talking about serious cases like elbow bursitis or when you feel excruciating pain in the elbow area while working.

SPORT 5 of my gymnastics pieces

For example, in my case there was a slight inflammation of the ligaments on the back of the forearm. I reduced the tension, of course, I started a glucosamine and chondroitin treatment, but somehow it did not help much and the pain did not go anywhere for a month. I bought the Chinese clamp that appears in the photo above and it has been more comfortable for me, also the fact that the elbow heats up during training is important.

Now I have practically got rid of the problem, but I continue to use it. In time I will buy a more interesting neoprene model from SCHIEK or GRIZZLY to replace it. There is also an impressive selection of elbow clamps on Amazon.

5. Apple Watch

At the moment, I consider the Apple Watch to be the best activity tracker, lacking only sleep quality monitoring and a smart alarm clock. At the end of July I shared my first impressions of the device in this paper and my opinion has not changed since then.

The watch can be used as a player Together with Bluetooth headphones, it does an excellent job during jogging or running on the stationary bike, elliptical and other such aerobic activities. However, the optical heart rate monitor is constantly wrong during strength training or, more accurately, during exercise. Although, when resting between sets and the arm is at rest, the heart rate is measured more or less correctly. In other words, counting calories directly during exercise isn’t very accurate: the Apple Watch slightly underestimates the bottom line.

SPORT 5 of my gymnastics pieces

However, overall it is pretty close to those calculations if energy expenditure is taken into account manually (intense gym exercise increases basic energy expenditure by 6-7 times, I wrote about this in an article on the basics of a good nutrition). And the Apple Watch is clearly superior in this regard to any activity tracker I’ve ever worked with before.

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SPORT 5 of my gymnastics pieces

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