Spotify launches Premium Duo, a couple subscription at 12.99 euros per month which includes an exclusive personalized playlist

12.99 euros. This is the price that Spotify has set for your new Premium Duo subscription. As the name suggests, it is a subscription for two people, although the company highlights its potential for couples, because both people will have to reside at the same address. The new subscription was announced a long time ago, but its deployment has been phased. Today, it has reached 55 markets including Spain, where you can already contract from this link.

Its price is higher than that of the individual account, which is worth 9.99 euros per month, but much lower than that of the family package, whose price is 14.99 euros per month. Fundamentally the second account is worth three euros more than the individual account. The subscription not only includes all the benefits of Spotify Premium, but also includes an exclusive playlist with music that the two like to call Duo Mix.

Two people, yes, but living in the same house

Comparison of plans.

According to Spotify, 73% of couples say they listen to music together as “a way to remember beautiful moments”, while 63% say they listen to music together as “a way to build their own identity and create memorable moments” . The idea of ​​Premium Duo is to prevent the use of a single person’s account or have to pay for the family plan, more expensive, so that everyone can have an account.

In addition, Spotify has created Duo Mix. It is a personalized playlist that combines the music everyone listens to and which is updated as the platform is used more. From society, they remember that it will be necessary to use Spotify for about two weeks to know the tastes of each and then be able to personalize the content. Next to each song will appear the profile picture of the user they were based on for adding it and it cannot be downloaded for offline listening.

“The main account holder and his family subsidiary account holder must reside at the same address”

Regarding account conditions, Spotify has covered its back in its terms of use. In point “2. Requirements and verification “, Spotify declares that” the holder of the main account and the holder of the subsidiary account of his family must reside at the same address“and that after activating the accounts” the user must confirm your addressIn addition, they remember that “it is possible that, from time to time, you may request to reconfirm the address, in order to verify that the conditions of access to the service continue to be met.

Finally, it should be noted that Premium Duo includes one month free trial. However, this promotion will only be accessible if the users have not already been Premium. The new subscription has been launched in 55 markets and Spain is one of them. To access it, simply access this link.

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