Spotify, where was it created?.

Spotify, where was it created? Spotify, the most popular music content streaming website that currently exists with more than 345 million affiliated users around the world, like any website, had a beginning and in this article we will talk a little about it.

The brand stories most successful they are always interesting. This is the case of Spotify, the music streaming giant. Its creation dates back to 2006.

Spotify, where was it created?

Daniel Ek, the original creator of Spotify had two great passions; music and computing And from the union of these two, the music streaming platform is born today. But at first it was not like that.

Spotify Beginnings

At just 14 years old, Ek founded his first company in which he hired his own friends from school to work on the design and creation of webpages. At the age of 16, Ek would try to enter Google, but because he did not have a university degree, he was not accepted. Despite this, his desire to grow did not stop and he then created Avertigo.

Spotify, where was it created?

Advertigo is a company dedicated to digital marketing online. It was handled with great success by Ek. In 2006, when Ek was 23 years old, he decided to sell Advertigo to Tradedoubler, one of the leading companies in the field of online marketing, also from Sweden, for 1,068,978 euros.

The contact with Tradedoubler was momentous for Ek, ​​since he raised the Spotify project with Felix Hagnö and Martin Lorentzon, the creators of Tradedoubler. Lorentzon was convinced of the idea and decided to invest in it. Since thenthe project began to take shape.

Spotify, where was it created?

Where did the name Spotify come from?

His name originated completely fortuitous. When both Ek and Lorentzon were evaluating possible names for the project. In an exchange of words, one of the two understood “Spotify”. It wasn’t the right word, but they both liked it. As this brand name was not registered, they rushed to do it.

Spotify’s early developments led to creating the desktop platform version. Although the company was founded in 2006, it had to wait up to two years before being officially released, while negotiations with the record companies it was carried out to be able to obtain the licenses of the songs.

Spotify, where was it created?

So its launch took place in 2008. But it was only available for Europe. Later in the United States and then to 186 countries worldwide.

Later, with the advent of smartphones, the company needed to reach users’ terminals so that they would have a space in this competitive environment, so in 2009 it launched the mobile application.

Over the years he has integrated new features such as the integration of Rolling Stone magazine, TubeWiki to read the lyrics of the songs, it allied with Facebook for users to share songs on Messenger, and many others.

Spotify, where was it created?