Springtomize 2 – 1.2.3.

springtomize 2 is a Tweak well known for its functions, this famous Tweak It allows us to customize our Device thoroughly and as we want, we can customize the Icons, the Dock, the LockScreen, the Folders, the Animations, the Status Bar and many more thingsthis Tweak is only for iOS 5 since for iOS 4 there is another with the simple name of “Springtomize” and with fewer functions, instead this one brings an infinity of them, now it is updated to Version “1.2.3” which comes with some more improvements.


  • Have an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad.
  • Have iOS 5.0 or higher.
  • Have the Jailbreak done on your Device, if you haven’t done it yet: https://SamaGame.com/con-que-hago-el-jailbreak-o-el-unlock-de-mi-dispositivo
  • Know how to install .deb Applications on your Device Via SSH, if you don’t know how: https://SamaGame.com/instala-archivos-deb-facilmente-en-el-iphone
  • If you do not understand any word in this Post, enter our Glossary: ​​https://SamaGame.com/iphone-glosario-todo-sobre-lo-que-deseas-saber


Springtomize 2 – 1.2.3


  • Ability to disable screen flash when running a screenshot.
  • Deactivate voice control.
  • Spotlight search disabled.
  • Disable the “Search Google / Wikipedia” options in the foreground.
  • Hide the dots indicating the pages.
  • “Alpha Backgrounds” function to darken the background of the Springboard.


Springtomize 2 – 1.2.3
  • Hide icon names.
  • Hide the shadow of the icons.
  • Disable the ability to uninstall apps.
  • Disable the “flickering” of the icons when editing the position of the icons.
  • Choose the way to put the icons on each line (from 1 to 10).
  • Choose the color of the button for the closure.
  • Create and save layout configuration profiles.


  • Make the Dock transparent.
  • Hide the reflection of the icons in the Dock.
  • Choose the way to put the icons in the Dock (from 1 to 10).


Springtomize 2 – 1.2.3
  • Change the size of the date.
  • Change the size of the clock.
  • Change the color saturation of the text.
  • Hide the top bar.
  • Show the time and date on the slider instead of the word “unlock”.
  • Change the word “unlock”.


  • Hide icon names.
  • Turn off the folder opening animation, which makes the process faster and more immediate.
  • Choose the way to put the icons for each row of folders.


Springtomize 2 – 1.2.3
  • Select the speed of all iOS animations.
  • Choose the color when taking a screenshot.
  • Change the transparency of animations when moving from one application to another through multitasking.


  • Hide status bar items.
  • Airplane mode symbol.
  • Sign.
  • Date.
  • Drums.
  • Battery percentage.
  • Bluetooth.
  • VPN.
  • Location.
  • Rotation.



Springtomize 2 – 1.2.3
  • Version: 1.2.3
  • Author: Filippo Biga.
  • Section: Tweaks.
  • Size: 312.12 KB.
  • Compatibility: iOS 5.
  • Architecture: iphoneos-arm.

Download “Springtomize 2 – 1.2.3”.deb:

  • http://depositfiles.com/files/u428cdiau

In a few hours it will be in the Repo here, in case you want to wait to download it from there and avoid the process to install the deb. 😀

What’s new in this version?

Springtomize 2 – 1.2.3
  • The icons of the improved size settings.
  • Performance improvement.


  • Transparency Notification Center only half of the screen in the landscape.
  • AM/PM will flash again in the status bar.
  • Won’t hide top bar correctly.
  • Minor bug fixes.