Spyder is the new game that has come to Apple Arcade in which we are a small robot spider whose mission is to save the world, because he is a spy named Agent 8, a British man under the command of the Spy Agency EP-8.

Spyder, a little spy in the Apple Arcade catalog

Spyder History

The whole game is set in a very retro world in the style of spy movies from the 70s. Our mission will be to sabotage the guys from the movie from within, be it valves, operating switches or overloading terminals, to achieve their plans. wicked do not get ahead.

Where we find small puzzles, from a security camera to hot coffee, will be the obstacles that little agent 8 will have to overcome.

graphics and sound

It is perhaps the strongest point of the game, it has impressive graphics, very realistic, worthy for a last generation console. Where we see that it has an incredible graphics engine. Each scenario is built to replicate reality and has very good details in terms of graphics.

The sound is quite normal, it doesn’t have much personality, you can really play without sound and the experience ends up being the same.

The sound effects are very real, when a cup falls, or you remove a nut, they are everyday sounds.

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In the graphics section, we mentioned that the game engine was very good, since we can practically move Agent 8 everywhere on any part of the stage. Which makes the gameplay more realistic, but this game is so good graphically and could compete with some console title, it seems to be designed so that you have to play with a controller, since the issue of camera movement, playing Without a controller it ends up being a bit annoying.

Spyder Conclusion

In conclusion we have an ambitious title, which seeks to position itself at the top of the Apple Arcade catalog, it is an interesting bet, since it is a game that has very good graphics, an interesting story with mini puzzles that you advance in level and go increasing the difficulty at the same time.

Perhaps the weakest point of the game is the gameplay without a controller, since the learning curve is somewhat slow and with the movement of the camera it is very difficult to deal with it. It is a price worthy to be paid, if you want console quality games, the logical thing would be that they have to be played with a controller as on consoles.

Spyder, a little spy in the Apple Arcade catalog

Without a doubt, it is a game that, being available in the Apple Arcade catalog, for a minimum fee per month, makes it very worthwhile.

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