Square Enix provided this Tuesday (2) more information involving Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, talking about the game’s improvements on PS5, and also addressing the new episode that will have Yuffie Kisaragi as the protagonist.

As the company said last week, Final Fantasy VII Remake will have improved lighting, textures, scenery, reflections and other aspects on the PS5. There will be two visual modes: the “graphics mode”, which prioritizes 4K resolution, and the “performance mode”, which prioritizes 60 fps. The game will also have a “photo mode”, for the player to capture images of the game.

About the new episode with Yuffie, it will start after the explosion of Mako Reactor 5 in Midgar. Yuffie and her partner Sonon Kusakabe, two shinobi from Wutai, need to “act behind the scenes under secret orders” in order to obtain the “Ultimate Materia” developed by Shinra.

For this, they will have help from Avalanche HQ to get into Midgar “in search of revenge and restore the glory of their hometown”, which lost the war against Shinra.

Sonon trained under Yuffie’s father and harbors a deep resentment for Shinra, following the devastation caused by the war between Shinra and Wutai.

He has been assigned to work with Yuffie as she infiltrates Midgar – essentially making her his boss… pic.twitter.com/JMsnT2i7k9

— FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (@finalfantasyvii) March 2, 2021

Speaking a little more about the new character Sonon, he trained under the tutelage of Yuffie’s father, Godo Kisaragi, and is a practitioner of kempo and bojutsu, having fought in the war at a young age, which made his resentment towards Shinra even greater.

▪️ A ravishing beauty
▪️ A world-class materia hunter

Yuffie Kisaragi styles herself as both, but she’ll need to use all of her skills as a member of Wutai’s elite corp of ninja operatives to sneak into Midgar… pic.twitter.com/R8yLw1lzY0

— FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (@finalfantasyvii) March 2, 2021

Yuffie specializes in melee and ranged combat, making use of his shuriken and ninjutsu. Her shuriken, by the way, allows her to break “Shinra Boxes” and activate mechanical powers from a distance. She can also perform ninja activities, such as walking through a chain-link fence.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is coming to PS5 on June 10th. Those who have the remake on PS4 will be able to upgrade for free to PS5 and after that purchase the new Yuffie content separately, which will be exclusive to the new console and cannot be played on PS4.

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