Square Enix stops developing mobile GO games.

Live after having a cup of coffee with 999 men in Vault 68, the Guard reports. With this afternoon: a release date for the most impressive Fallout: New Vegas mod ever, a rift between Borussia Dortmund and Konami, Square Enix says goodbye to Go games, The Elder Scrolls: Legends has a new developer and more. Good afternoon!

Evolves free-to-play version will close in September

Publisher 2K has announced that Evolve Stage 2, as the free-to-play version of Evolve is called, will go offline on September 3 of this year. All dedicated servers, leaderboards and in-game purchases are gone, but the paid version still exists. So everything you bought will simply go to the ‘real’ Evolve, although Ranked mode will disappear there too and in-game purchases will be discontinued from July 2. So if you still want to buy things – the Guard does not judge… – you have to do so before July 2.

Square Enix stops developing mobile GO games

But what is left then? Well, on PC there is still the paid version with peer-to-peer matchmaking, which means that you can still start your own server with your friends to play. Quick Play, Evacuation and custom games as well as games against AI opponents also remain. On PC you still have to do something before you can play Evolve again, but you can read more about that on this link; follow those steps and ‘Legacy Evolve’ (as it is now called apparently) should fully work again. Oh, and if you play on console and don’t understand anything anymore; the free version of Evolve has never been released on consoles, so ignore this. Not confusing this at all, 2K. For more information, read the update from the publisher.

Borussia Dortmund no longer featured in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

The fact that PES has been praised by many critics for years because it has better football mechanics than competitor FIFA does not mean that it is the more successful game, and that has everything to do with the licenses of football leagues and clubs. PES owns a handful of clubs, but today another giant says tabé to Konami. It concerns Borussia Dortmund, a club that was prominent in the marketing around PES 2019. In a press release, Konami says that the Bundesliga club is renouncing the contract and therefore not in the game at all, but why Borussia Dortmund does not want to continue going with PES is unclear. In any case, BVB’s logos, players, stadium and other related items will not be in PES 2019. Damage.

Square Enix stops developing mobile GO games

Download Dragon Ball Legends now

On weekends, the need for cartoons and anime like Dragon Ball Z will of course only increase; the nostalgia of a Saturday or Sunday morning in front of the tube makes for that. Well, the Guard has good news for you if you’re as much a fan of dragon balls as he is; Dragon Ball Legends is now available for download on iOS and Android. It is a kind of card game with some interactive elements in the battles (“intuitive one finger controls”), in which you collect cards with characters on them and compete with players from all over the world.

The biggest plus for die-hard fans is that the game contains three new characters, all by Akira Toriyama, the forefather of the entire Dragon Ball universe. When the game was announced in March, 4.5 million people already registered, which is a record for Bandai Namco. To celebrate, you get Frieza, Goku and another ‘special character’, and so-called chrono crystals (with which you call other fighters in a battle) as a gift. Check it now on iOS and Android.

Square Enix stops developing mobile GO games

Capcom looks back on Street Fighter III

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection has just been out a few days, and to celebrate, Capcom has made some retrospective videos that go through the games individually. After parts I and II, today is the turn of Street Fighter III and its striking roster with fighters, colorful graphics and of course brutal violence. Furthermore, of course attention to the bizarre story of which the Guard is completely unaware and the at the time new game mechanics such as parry attacks and dashes to the front and back. Also attention for the impact of Street Fighter III: Second Impact and Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Zíeke art

Check out this Baldur from God of War:

Square Enix stops developing mobile GO games

And while we’re at it, here’s a Charizard in a mango as well because Reddit is surprisingly doing well today with fan art:

The Elder Scrolls: Legends changes developers

About a year after the launch of the card game The Elder Scrolls: Legends, developer Dire Wolf Digital passes the baton to another studio. According to Bethesda Softworks, Dire Wolf Digital was removed from the game because there is still a lot of “untapped potential” in it, something the studio is not doing enough with. Legends is now owned by developer Sparkypants Studios. The name is of course enough to inspire confidence, and we know that studio from the game Dropzone. The first things to be overhauled are reportedly the user interface, menu and visual aspects of the game. Bethesda spokesperson Pete Hines says the game and mechanics are already “solid,” so not much will change in terms of gameplay, player progression and item collection.

There are probably some changes planned, maybe they have already been made, but we will hear more about The Elder Scrolls: Legends at E3. Specifically at the Bethesda showcase, on Monday June 11 at 3:30 am. TES: Legends is available for download for iOS, Android and Mac.

Square Enix stops developing mobile GO games

Square Enix confirms that the mobile Go games are a thing of the past

Although Squeenix’s Go games are not doing that bad at all and are praised by the Guard for their simplicity and fun factor, Square Enix has plenty of them. The boss of Square Enix Montreal announced yesterday that the mobile Go games are going to stop, and the cause is simply the cost of such a project. That, and people apparently don’t spend money on mobile games that quickly, plus making such a game completely for free is of course not an option. Patrick Naud, Squeenix Montreal boss, says:

It’s one of the challenges we have today is the premium mobile market is diminishing. You’ve got more and more high-quality free titles, so there are even fewer and fewer people inclined to try something that will not be free. That doesn’t mean that they won’t spend in-game, but they want to spend on a game that they’re sure they’re going to like. The perception of choice makes it that even if it’s only $ 5, that’s too much.

Lara Croft Go, Hitman Go and Deus Ex Go can all be bought on the Google Play Store for one euro because of a current sale, the standard price that now applies on iOS is about 4 euros. The franchise started in 2014 with Hitman Go (later ported to PS4, PS Vita and Steam), continued with Lara Croft Go in 2015 (also on PS4 and Vita), and Deus Ex Go topped the line in 2016. Does that mean that no more Squeenix mobile games coming? No, but the Go formula has been put in the back of the cupboard.

Square Enix stops developing mobile GO games

The impressive Fallout: New Vegas mod Fallout New California is due out in October

It may have taken five years, but the end is finally in sight for the wildly ambitious Fallout: New Vegas mod called Fallout New California. this year. And holy , what a trailer the guys behind the mod have conjured up. Bethesda should pay attention, because the trailer looks so good it could have been an official Fallout. Whether the quality of the rest of the mod is of such a level is of course still the question, but the project sounds very interesting and the Guard will certainly be ready to download it in October. Free and stuff, because it’s a mod.

New California will be a prequel to 2010’s Obsidians Fallout: New Vegas. The player starts in Vault 18, in the ruins of Los Angeles. Once above the ground, the residents of Vault 18 learn that three factions are at war – these are the Survivalist Army, the New California Republic (NCR) and the Super Mutants. The year is 2,260, long before the events of New Vegas. The mod is almost finished, but there is still some time to be put into sidequests according to project leader Brandan Lee:

You hit this story with huge, replete branches 16,000 lines of dialogue long you expect some little moments with characters off to the side of the big arcs, and there just aren’t any. I’d also like to take time to revise some plot holes and gaps in the open possibilities that appeared in testing.

The original idea was to get the game out for Fallout 4, but that clearly didn’t work out and the visor now looks like a release before Fallout 76 (even though we still don’t know exactly what that game is). Starting in July, you can sign up for the New California beta, which includes the main quest and new areas. The mod will be released on October 23, although the developers call it a “Beta 2.00” release for the time being, probably to cover themselves a bit.

Square Enix stops developing mobile GO games

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