If multiple people in your household are currently sharing an account Google Stadia, here’s the good news: Google is finally making the long-awaited feature available Family Sharing.

As the name suggests, Stadia Family Sharing allows users to share games with other people in the same family group as Google, which means families will only need one Stadia account and only buy games once, for everyone to play. .

Google shared the news on Reddit, announcing that launching this feature will take about a week. In any case, Google has made available a new support page regarding Family Sharing.

If Stadia players are part of a Google family group, they can share games with other group members. Any party member who creates a Stadia account can play a shared game, even if they haven’t purchased or claimed the game on their account“.

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“You don’t need to have an active Stadia Pro subscription to share games or play shared games. However, if you share a game you requested with your Pro subscription and the Pro subscription ends, the game will no longer be shared with your party Family“.

Of course, you’ll need to set up a family group before you can use the feature, and you can do this via the Stadia website or the Stadia app.

“Before you can use family sharing, you need to create a Google family group with the same email address you used to set up your Stadia account. You will also need to add a family payment method to the group to be able to share games among all members“.

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Source: Kotaku.

Source : Reddit