Now, will the latest news and gameplay about Squadron 42 calm some critics or much of the gaming press? Unfortunately, this is doubtful. Star Citizen brings clicks to the website and it is in the public eye like no other game.

Star Citizen has been accompanied by often positive but also negative headlines since 2013. Whether critics or fans, since then there has often been a very heated exchange. In the past, Cloud Imperium Games sometimes acted unhappily, almost unprofessionally, with various decisions and thus heated up tempers in some cases.

What has actually (already) happened again?

No, this time it’s not the so-called Derek Smart, wrongly dubbed an expert by the trade journals, who wants to attract attention with his barking.

This time it’s more important. The wording would be apt, i.e. a delicate and serious issue. Current outcome uncertain, impact uncertain.

A legal dispute will come to Cloud Imperium Games, since they were sued by the company Crytek, among other things, the CryEngine license and the handling of this plays a decisive role.

Of course, this is again a treat for the press, which, like hyenas, it often seems, is just eagerly waiting to be able to report negatively on one of the most ambitious and successful crowdfunding projects of our time. In this context, it is amusing to observe again at gamescom how Chris Roberts’ press stand is literally besieged all day long in order to be the first to get the new information.

However, here is a note that our reporting, in contrast to other German (hobby) magazines, which do not get any sensible articles about Star Citizen all year round, will be rather poor and we do not have to exploit this matter as a clickbait article .

Hence the intended late reporting. When it comes to the subject of the “expert” Derek Smart, one is more or less hopelessly drowned in reporting worldwide.

We therefore refer to an article “SUIT BY CRYTEK AGAINST CIG” at Star Citizen Base (LINK) to share the most important facts.

However, we are also aware of the seriousness of the topic and will therefore monitor this matter more closely, since we are supporters of the project ourselves. Furthermore, we also warn against spreading a mood of doom and gloom again, as is being done again by some, especially in the German-speaking area. Therefore, for me personally, often artificially exaggerated, negative reporting, as well as Derek Smart, often in relation to Star Citizen is not really to be taken seriously. Furthermore, one can normally assume that Cloud Imperium Games, as in the case with Derek Smart, should also calm down at some point. It would be desirable for Cloud Imperium Games to be able to use forces and resources again as quickly as possible for the further development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42, for which backers (donors) have already provided over 175 million US dollars. A big pie that Crytek, rightly or wrongly, now wants its share of. However, a court will decide that now or maybe an out-of-court settlement will be reached, who knows.

So far, none of the parties have been willing to make a statement.


A US court now has to decide on various points of contention, these are the current facts. Everything else is now nothing more than speculation, which will also be skilfully exploited by various magazines for clickbait articles in the coming months.

If facts are created, you will find more articles on this topic with us.