Star Citizen surpasses $100 million.

Thanks to its community, which now includes more than 1 million Citizens, Star Citizen creates another million mark and thus exceeds the 100 million dollars Brand.

We at Alpha-Omegagaming congratulate Chris Roberts and the Cloud Imperium Games team on this unique and grandiose achievement.

Star Citizen surpasses $100 million

The decisive boost should probably be the release of Alpha 2.0 on the live server, which is now available to everyone who has already pre-ordered the game.

For more information on this next crowdfunding milestone, as well as a translation of articles from the Roberts Space Industries website, visit our partner site, Star Citizen News Radio (SCNR).

Star Citizen surpasses $100 million

As usual, Chris Roberts should address the Star Citizen community in a “Letter from the Chairman”, which we will include as an update at this point once the SCNR team has translated it.

We are excited about the further development of Star Citizen and, as a supporter from the very beginning (Golden Ticket), we are also following the project with great enthusiasm.

Star Citizen surpasses $100 million

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About Cloud Empire Games

Cloud Imperium Games Corporation and its subsidiary Roberts Space Industries was founded in April 2012 by well-known game developer Chris Roberts (Wing Commander, Freelancer, Privateer) and his business partner and longtime international media lawyer Ortwin Freyermuth. Under Robert’s leadership and his long-standing relationships in game development, Cloud Imperium quickly established a top-tier development team for game development, story elements, and an extensive prototype for the first Star Citizen game. Star Citizen gets over marketed. Cloud empire strategy goes beyond customer acquisition through established game designer fan bases. For more information about the company, including jobs and contact information, visit the CIG homepage.

About Star Citizen

Star Citizen is an online space flight sim with combat and trading elements for Windows and Linux. Parts of the simulation have been playable since 2013, and the game is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016. The main designer and inventor of the Star Citizen universe is Chris Roberts, who founded Cloud Imperium Games in April 2012. Star Citizen is the largest crowdfunded computer game project. The main game features a free-roaming, persistent MMO world in which players undertake trading, exploration, and combat missions. The money earned in this way can be used, for example, to buy improvements for your own ship such as new propulsion or weapon systems. The player’s actions affect reputation with the various factions in the world of Star Citizen. The approximately 100 solar systems within the Milky Way are to be expanded even further after publication. The game features a simulated economy system that players can contribute to. So that the economy does not get out of balance too easily, NPCs also help to keep a certain balance. For example, the NPCs will accept and carry out orders that have not been carried out by players for a long time. For example, they transport raw materials to factories or mine raw materials themselves. The economic system is very dynamic and so, for example, if there are more frequent attacks on a factory’s transport ships, the price of its products will increase.

Star Citizen surpasses $100 million

About Squadron 42

The single-player campaign Squadron 42 is planned to be released in chapters before the Persistent Universe. The first episode with probably ten missions is expected to appear in spring 2016, the other episodes are then to appear quarterly. A first version of the persistent universe, in which all modules are linked, is planned for the course of 2016. The development of Star Citizen is expected to be completed by the end of 2016, although new content will continue to appear after the final release.

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Source: RSI

Star Citizen surpasses $100 million