Starting today, Portal Masters can supercharge with Skylanders SuperChargers.

A dream come true for Skylanders fans with a penchant for fast-paced action, vehicles come to life in Skylanders SuperChargers today. The game takes kids, adults and families on a crazy journey, driving them across mountainous land, diving into deep seas and flying through the blue skies of Skylands like never before – all in uniquely detailed vehicles, many of which are… have moving parts to play with in the real world. All characters and vehicles come alive through the in-game Magic Portal. Star guests in the new game are two iconic Nintendo characters appearing on Nintendo platforms in Skylands: Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser, available exclusively in Starter Packs from Skylanders Super Chargers for the Wii U console and in Skylanders SuperChargers Racing Starter Packs for the Wii and Nintendo 3DS family systems. Fans already got a foretaste of the fast-paced action fun in the trailer!

“Remember when you were a kid pretending your toy cars were real and then racing them in your living room on imaginary crazy tracks?” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. “In Skylanders SuperChargers, we’re taking that fantasy one step closer to reality. We’re redefining the toys-to-life genre by bringing race cars, helicopters, motorcycles, jet planes and submarines to life. With these vehicles you can participate in races throughout Skylands and, for the first time, also compete against other players. Our fans will love this game – I love it already!”

Developed by Vicarious Visions Skylanders Super Chargers now expands the series’ signature gameplay feature with vehicles that “come to life,” offering fans a whole new way to experience the magic of Skylands. The groundbreaking innovation of Skylanders Super Chargers is implemented as players control their powerful land, sea and sky vehicles in both the physical and digital worlds of the fast-paced action-adventure video game. Skylanders Super Chargers delivers a deep, story-driven gameplay experience full of vehicular and on-foot adventures, combat, puzzles, mini-games, activities and platforming elements in a variety of new, immersive environments. The game introduces a brand new class of heroes with new moves, powerful attacks and weapons never seen before. SuperChargers also have special in-game abilities that will be useful to the Portal Master in the fight against Kaos. There will be 20 new SuperChargers figures and 20 new vehicle toys. In addition, players can jump straight into a new race mode that combines high-speed racing with combat elements, power-ups, boost objects, obstacles and more.

Starting today, Portal Masters can supercharge with Skylanders SuperChargers

Players can also purchase additional Action Packs for Race Mode to unlock more content. There will be three of these Racing Action Packs – one for each terrain – containing three special toys: a SuperCharger, a vehicle, and a Villain Trophy that unlocks two exclusive in-game racetracks. The first of these three packs, the Skylanders SuperChargers Sea Racing Action Pack, will be released to coincide with the game on September 25th.

To start from Skylanders Super Chargers and to celebrate the introduction of racing, Skylanders became the official partner of champion racer Max Chilton in the season finale of the Indy Lights presented by Cooper Tires. Chilton, a 24-year-old ex-Formula 1 driver and Skylanders fan, raced around the Laguna Seca tracks in a Skylanders racer on September 12-13. “SuperCharged” Chilton broke Tony Kaanan’s 1997 qualifying race course record and Helio Castroneves’ 1996 lap record before eventually finishing the season on the Indy Lights podium for Carlin. Skylanders also made Enea Bastianini a “SuperCharger” who won his debut Moto 3 race at the San Marino GP in Italy. It was his first career victory in the motorcycle world championship. He will also be back on track in Skylanders SuperChargers livery at the Aragon Grand Prix in Spain from September 25th to 27th.

Starting today, Portal Masters can supercharge with Skylanders SuperChargers

Skylanders Super Chargers appears in time for the Christmas season. Toys”R”Us is anticipating one of the fastest-selling family games this winter season and is betting Skylanders Super Chargers recently added to his 2015 Holiday Hot Toy List.

“The Skylanders brand generates significant interest from our customers each year as it consistently delivers on its promise to redefine the gaming experience by bridging the real and digital worlds. That’s why we’ve included the latest game in the series on Toys”R”Us’ annual Holiday Hot Toy List,” said Richard Barry, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Merchandising Officer, Toys”R”Us, Inc. “We’re excited We look forward to witnessing the launch of Skylanders SuperChargers and expect fans worldwide to join us for this truly innovative adventure.”

Starting today, Portal Masters can supercharge with Skylanders SuperChargers

That Skylanders Super Chargers Starter Pack includes two new Skylanders characters, one of the brand new Skylanders vehicles, a redesigned Portal of Power and the full game. Skylanders Super Chargers will be released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation4 computer entertainment systems, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One video game and entertainment systems from Microsoft, and the Wii U from Nintendo.

the Skylanders Super Chargers Dark Edition Starter Packs will also be available in Europe on September 25th. All Dark Edition Starter Packs include Dark Spitfire, the
Dark Hot Streak and the coveted Kaos Trophy – the only way to unlock special content in the game – plus an ultimate two-page collectible poster. The Dark version of Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and his Barrel Blaster vehicle is only included in the Dark Edition Starter Pack for Wii U; Dark Hammer Slam Bowser and his Dark Clown Cruiser are exclusive to the Dark Edition Starter Pack for Wii.

Starting today, Portal Masters can supercharge with Skylanders SuperChargers

Skylanders SuperChargers Racing, a complementary racing experience, is coming to Nintendo’s Wii and Nintendo 3DS portable system on September 25th. Guest stars Donkey Kong and Bowser with their unique vehicles are exclusive to the starter packs of Skylanders Super Chargers and Skylanders SuperChargers Racing available for the Nintendo platforms. These SuperCharger characters aren’t just in Skylanders Super Chargers playable, but also function as an amiibo in compatible Nintendo games with a simple twist of the figure base.

Fans of the Skylanders series can now also do this, coming September 25th via connected consoles digital portal owner’s pack purchase and use a Magical Portal they already own to Skylanders Super Chargers to play. Downloading the digital Portal Owner’s Pack offers players of the previous titles a great opportunity to Skylanders Super Chargers on the platform of their choice. The full version of will be released on October 25th Skylanders Super Chargers also for select iOS devices, including iPad and, for the first time, iPhone and iPod touch. Skylanders Super Chargers will also be released for Apple TV this fall.

Skylanders Super Chargers is compatible with over 300 unique toys from all previous games: Skylanders SWAP Force, Skylanders Giants, Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Trap Team. The game will be released on September 20th in North America, September 23rd in Australia/New Zealand and September 25th in Europe.

Starting today, Portal Masters can supercharge with Skylanders SuperChargers

More information can be found on the official website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Activision