State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition includes new additions in addition to old content. Extra nice is that you can check it for free if you already have the base game! In other news this N8W8: Internet traffic in Italy has risen sharply thanks to gamers, Fast & Furious Crossroads release date “uncertain” and Naughty Dog guilty of crunch?

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition gets launch trailer

The polished State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition is now available to check! To celebrate that joyful event, you can find the launch trailer for this enhanced version of the zombie game State of Decay 2 below.

The State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition promises a new experience, even for veterans. The game is packed with new additions, such as remastered graphics, a new tutorial, new weapons and a new map. This map (Providence Ridge) is similar in size to the other three areas in the base game. In addition, this new version of State of Decay 2 of course includes all the content that has been released for the zombie game so far, including all add-on packs. That means Heartland, Daybreak and the Independence Pack are all included.

Developer Undead Labs announced in February that they wanted to release an enhanced version of State of Decay 2, along with the game’s release on Steam.

PS Do you already own the standard edition of State of Decay 2? Then you will receive the Juggernaut Edition as a free upgrade!

Internet traffic (partly) thanks to gamers has risen sharply in Italy

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Italian government has (finally) taken firm measures. In an effort to stop the disease from spreading, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte had all non-essential shops and schools closed. And what are you going to do if you cannot work and cannot go to school? Playing Fortnite and Call of Duty, apparently!

According to Bloomberg, “The amount of data passing through Telecom SpA’s national network has increased by more than two-thirds in the past two weeks.” Part of this traffic can of course be explained by all people working from home. However, gaming traffic probably takes up a larger portion of the bandwidth!

But where does all that bandwidth go? Telecom Italia states that most of the increased activity is driven by online games such as Fortnite or Call of Duty. Don’t forget to update games too! After all, our current games are all too often provided with patches, updates and new content, so that downloading them also weighs heavily on the network.

Now that we are also going into permanent quarantine in the Netherlands, we will undoubtedly see a similar picture here. De Wachtster is curious which games will be favorites here.

Let us know in the comments!

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Trailer abundance

Now that you’re glued to your home, you better take it easy! Relax and watch four new trailers:

  • Sakura Wars – April 28 on PS4
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione June 26 on PS4 and Xbox One; rather on PC
  • Bless Unleashed – now on Xbox One
  • Stela – now on PC, Switch and Xbox One

Fast & Furious Crossroads release date “uncertain” after Fast 9 delay

Now that Fast 9 has been delayed by almost a year (!), The fate of the game Fast & Furious Crossroads has become uncertain… Or well, the game is still coming. We just don’t know when!

The plan was to release Fast & Furious Crossroads at the same time as the Fast & Furious 9 movie. However, now that the film has been postponed to April 2021 due to the outbreak of the corona virus, the question is what will happen with the game.

In a statement to USGamer, developer Codemasters has confirmed that the release date of Fast & Furious Crossroads is now “uncertain”. A new announcement will be made in due course to confirm the new release date.

James Bond: No Time to Die, A Quiet Place Part II, Mulan and Fast 9; we already knew that a lot of films are being postponed, but the corona virus has now also reached the games industry. However, it makes a lot of sense to delay Fast & Furious Crossroads. Even if the game is not directly related to Fast 9. Without the accompanying movie hype, the game will probably sell a lot less.

The Last of Us Part II Developer Naughty Dog Guilty of Crunch?

Yep, unfortunately we have to talk about the dreaded crunch again. In an article on Kotaku, (former) Naughty Dog employees say they are concerned about the harsh working conditions – the crunch, that is – at the company.

The aforementioned article says that the delay of The Last of Us Part II, strangely enough, has not resulted in less crunch. What played a role in this is the departure of a number of veterans. That resulted in a lack of structure. As a result, employees became exhausted or burned out.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

“Many who have worked at Naughty Dog over the years describe it as a duality – as a place that can be simultaneously the best and the worst workplace in the world. Working at Naughty Dog means designing beloved, critically acclaimed games alongside artists and engineers who are considered some of the greatest in their fields. But for many of those same people, it also means working upwards of 12-hour days and even weekends when the studio is in crunch mode, sacrificing their health, relationships, and personal lives at the altar of the game. “

The Last of Us Part II is going to be a good game. All those involved agree on this. However, they do not think it is okay for employees to pay such a great price for this.

PS Following the publication, former animator Jonathan Cooper decided to tell his story on Twitter. He confirms the stories of the sources in the article.

Memes and things

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