Co-author Lost Damon Lindelof in portal interview Collider talked about the show’s initial plans and behind-the-scenes conflicts with the studio.

According to him, conversations about the project’s finale resounded even when creating a pilot episode. Channel Abc I wanted to know the future plans of the authors, trying to figure out what they would do when they revealed all the secrets presented.

Lindelof explained that in this case, the writers will add new secrets as the story unfolds. Now, he admits that they haven’t managed to keep the right balance, so the mysteries of the show have started to literally interfere with each other.

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However, the company itself was to blame, as Lindelof and screenwriter Carlton Cuse wanted to end the series in the third season.

We told them, “The answers to those questions will be in the first season, more will be revealed by the end of the second season, and after the third year the show is expected to end. “

Damon Lindelof

ABC representatives did not like this idea.

“Why do you want to end the series? Why end the series that is actively watched? “


After completing work on the second season, the writers re-entered negotiations with ABC and even intended to quit the project in case the channel did not want to end the series after the third season.

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By this time, new screenwriters had already started working on Lost, to which Lindelof said it was possible to hand over the reins of government if something went wrong. They were planning to make such a candidate Jeff Pinkerwho worked “Spy” – when this series was over, and its audience “partially” flocked to the ABC project.

Already around this time, Lindelof and Cuse saw potential issues with a large number of flashbacks in the series.

Flashbacks are running out. You can do about three stories about Jack’s self-destruction and drunkenness, Charlie’s relapse, or Kate’s escape from the Marshal pursuing her.

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Damon Lindelof

But all in all, the first flashback is meant to talk about the hero, while the others already somewhat repeat the idea. Therefore, the writers tried to introduce new characters with different stories – but people were interested in the fate of the old ones.

We saw a plan for eight failures, and its ending was not positive. But the studio representatives disagreed with us.

Damon Lindelof

After the third season was split into two parts and the first six episodes aired, the ABC finally saw that the plot was starting to have issues, as the writers warned.

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And the studio finally agreed to complete the project. Admittedly, the proposal turned out to be a trick.

I said to the president of the CBA, “Thank you. This is the best development of the series. “

And he replied, “We were thinking about 10 seasons. “

Damon Lindelof

According to Lindelof, such a proposal always felt like they didn’t want to finish their streak – after all, not all of them met these indicators. In the third season, the writers hoped to be able to finish the story in the fourth, because they knew the fate of the main characters.

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They had to leave the island, spend an unhappy life off its coasts, then return to the final. But it wasn’t there.

And they are, “How about nine seasons? “

Damon Lindelof

As a result, the parties agreed to six, reducing the total number of episodes – as many as the project continued.

Source : Game Informer