Every Tuesday afternoon, Steam performs scheduled maintenance of the platform, sometimes causing outages in progress. This week, after the maintenance was completed, players found that some games in their library that had already been purchased displayed a “buy” button instead of “play”.

Even if the player tried to purchase it again, it resulted in an error warning the user that the content was already in their library. This made it impossible to start some owned titles.

The bug is described in a thread on Resetera, with a series of reports appearing in the Steam subreddit. Dead By Daylight appears to be affected by the error, as have Bethesda Games – one player describing the issues with Fallout: New Vegas and another claiming that all Bethesda games in their library have been affected by the bug.

One Reddit user said the issue is affecting all games in their library that are currently for sale on Steam. Dead By Daylight’s Twitter account posted a warning about the issue, although it appears to be an issue for Steam.

Gamers initially found an alternate solution that seems to work for most users: the patch forces users to clear the download cache in settings and then restart Steam.

Steam has advised that the bug has finally been fixed and players should restart the client if the error persists.

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Source: Gamespot.

Source : Reddit