Becoming Jobs is the new biography of Steve Jobs that will be published on March 24. Everything indicates that it will be a much better book than the previous authorized biography, which generated so much controversy.

A few days after its public appearance, some of the most interesting news that it brings us continue to leak. And one of them is quite shocking. As we have ever told you, the time between being fired and taking the reins of Apple again, was one of the most creative periods of his life. During it he acquired a computer graphics company and turned it into an outstanding business success. As many of you know, that company is called Pixar (the producer of movies like Toy Story, Monsters SA or Finding Nemo). Steve Jobs was the main shareholder of the company when it was sold in 2006 to Disney for 7.4 billion dollars. But the deal could have gone completely awry due to This conversation Jobs and Bob Iger had just 30 minutes before announcing the deal publicly:

Steve Jobs: «Bob, there is something very important that I have to tell you. My cancer has returned. (…). I have promised myself that I will live long enough to see Reed (his eldest son) graduate ».

Bob Iger (Disney CEO): “How old is Reed?”

Steve: “Fourteen, so she will graduate in four years. Honestly, they tell me I have a 50/50 chance of living five more years.”

Bob: “Are you telling me this for any other reason than to get it out of you?”

Steve: «I am telling you this because I am giving you the opportunity to leave the agreement. (…) My children don’t know. They don’t even know about it on the Apple board. No one knows and you can’t tell anyone.

Bob Igers assessed the situation and decided to go ahead with the acquisition, which made Jobs the largest shareholder in Disney from then on. As reported in Bloomberg, Bob told Steve: “You are our largest shareholder, but I don’t think that makes this matter. You are not this deal. We’re Buying Pixar, We’re Not Buying You.”

Finally Steve Jobs was able to fulfill his dream and attended his son’s graduation, after which he passed away the following year. I fully understand how important this must have been for him, because for my mother it was something very special that I finished my degree just a few months before she died (also from cancer). Because seeing your children grow and advance in life is probably the most important and satisfying thing that can happen to us.

Whether you are an ordinary person or a genius billionaire.

Via: Apple Insider