Steve Jobs has always been characterized by a uniqueness able to put each of his employees to the limit to get the most out of them. The personality of Steve Jobs was also praised and criticized And today we bring you one of those stories that perfectly defines the Apple co-founder.

David W. Brouwn wrote this story years ago in the middle AtlanticHe had been informed by a former employee of Apple who had worked with Steve Jobs at Apple during the creation of the iPod. In the words of this former Apple worker, “Your favorite story about Steve Jobs”.

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Steve Jobs, an iPod and an aquarium

While there’s no way of knowing if this story is true, it fits us well with others we’ve heard from Steve. The story begins several years ago, when engineers working on the first iPod completed one of the prototypes. At the end of the prototype came the most difficult moment: submit the job to Steve Jobs for approval. Jobs played with the device for a while, examined it, held it in his hands, and quickly dismissed it. It was too big.

Engineers told Jobs that it was simply impossible to make it smaller, that they would have to “reinvent the invention” to make a smaller iPhone. Jobs was silent for a few moments, iPod in hand. After a few minutes he got up, walked over to an aquarium and dropped the iPod into the water tank. The aircraft fell to the bottom and small bubbles came out of it and floated to the surface.

They are air bubbles. This means that there is space inside. Make it smaller ”

Steve Jobs was a genius and one of the most important entrepreneurs and inventors of our time. But he was not a nice person, he was extremely sincere, even if what he said or did was not politically correct. For Steve the product was the most important thing and every detail around it had to fit perfectly. This attention to detail makes Apple products unique and desirable.

Pomme Steve Jobs

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This story is just one more example of Apple’s dedication not only to the exterior design of the device, but also to the interior design of each of them. Opening up a Mac or iPhone and seeing what it looks like inside is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, there’s no other device that’s better run internally than Apple’s.

This prototype iPod had free space inside because there was air inside, and ultimately the team managed to reduce the size of this first iPod before its official launch. Steve left prematurely and surely a lot would have been different if he had been in charge for the past decade. However, although Apple has changed, the spirit of its co-founder and his way of taking care of the smallest details is still present.

Source : Techradar