ohSteven Lisberger go back to the movies! With this announcement, Rafa Martín represented the joyful voice of many of us, many of whom we saw ‘thron’ at the time (I’m talking about prehistory, mind you, the early 80s, when there was VHS), leaving us with our mouths open and unable to forget that spectacular virtual motorcycle race (to call it something) starring the always great Jeff Bridges . The number of directors who owe something to Lisberger is countless. And I’m talking about the visual aspect, not “the next drink is on me, Steve”. I’m going to leave you the trailer of one of the eighties jewels par excellence, because I see some faces that have no idea what I’m talking about. This is ‘thron’in an unfair two minutes:

Put in situation, I comment. Lisberger returns to the cinema after almost 20 years (‘Slipstream’, with Mark Hammill, dates from 1989) with a project entitled ‘Soul Code’whose story, of course, falls into science fiction.

Steven Lisberger returns with ‘Soul Code’, while the remake of ‘Tron’ is being prepared

It is about a woman, a technological genius, who has perfected the way of downloading and transferring memory from one person to another. The conflict comes when she transfers her memory to the body of a much younger woman. So many comments running through my head right now… Apparently Lisberger enlisted the help of Jessica Chobot (IGN) on the script. One of the producers, who claims to have read it, has said about it that “in the same way that Tron was ahead of his time, he is also ahead of us.” And he was so hot.

  ‘The Invasion of the Ultracuerpos’, admirable and respectful remake

Second item on the agenda, gentlemen. In Hollywood they are preparing the remake of ‘thron’, as reported in DarkHorizons. I can imagine the smiles of the readers who, when they saw the trailer above, thought “how seedy”. Well yes, friends, you will also have your own version.

Director? Well, it still has to be confirmed, but the powerful Warner Bros. is about to reach an agreement with the director of commercial announcements (it couldn’t be any other way) Joseph Kosinski, who last month signed to take charge of another remake, the from ‘Logan’s Run’. The revision of the script (oh, mother) has been entrusted to Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, whose resume appears, in luminous letters, to have worked on the series ‘Lost’ (‘Lost’). Amusingly, details of the film are said to be kept under wraps. Here is one of Kosinski’s works, so that you take it into account:

And finally, I have a question for you. Is it coincidence that, after so many years, Steven Lisberger returns to the cinema, at the same time that a remake of ‘thron’? Ah, wow, I forgot a minor detail: Lisberger is one of the producers of the new version. You can answer now.