Stories: The Path of Destinies out today on PS4.

Because in April not everything is Dark Souls 3 and Ratchet. spearhead has announced that Stories: The Path of Destinies comes out today in PS4with a 10% discount for Playstation+ members

Today we are excited to release Stories: The Path of Destinies on PS4. It is an action and role-playing game set in a beautiful world full of fantastic places to explore, as well as evil Imperial Ravens that you will have to defeat with a fluid and elegant combat style: the Sword-Fu.

One of the things we were most interested in when creating the game, aside from the comic book aesthetic and frenetic action, was trying something different with the narrative. We knew we wanted the player to be in control, but we also felt like there was a lot of ground to explore in the field of video game storytelling.

Stories: The Path of Destinies out today on PS4

We started the creative process with several questions: how can we make all the decisions that we offer to the player have real weight? What if we could make making alternative decisions, with their respective consequences, a fun part of the game and not something that is only achieved by charging a checkpoint? What if discovering all those stories was just as much fun as exploring levels and finding hidden treasures?

In that moment we remember how good it felt to determine the course of history in one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books. We feel that by incorporating those elements, we’ve managed to take a unique direction in telling the story of Reynardo, a roguish fox who is the hero of our game.

Stories: The Path of Destinies out today on PS4

When the game starts, Reynardo is already in a difficult situation: he is part of the Rebellion fighting against the evil Empire and things are not going well for his faction. Indeed, the final battle is about to begin, and as things stand, the mighty Empire army will most likely crush the Rebellion once and for all.

With the Imperial fleet at his heels, Reynardo only has time to take a few big actions before the final showdown. Right from the beginning he will have to make a difficult decision: rescue his old colleague Lapino or go in search of a mythical superweapon, even if it means abandoning his friend to a fateful fate.

Stories: The Path of Destinies out today on PS4

As a player, you will be responsible for making those difficult decisions, which will not only lead to a unique ending to the story and the war, but will also make you live a unique story. This means that no decision will make the story return to a known course. As a consequence, there will be more than twenty-four different stories that may have romances or even ancient gods and rituals typical of Lovecraft’s literature. Reynardo has many destinations, which is why the game’s full name is Stories: The Path of Destinies.

Finishing any of these stories does not end the game; in reality it is only a chapter of the book that contains all Reynardo’s destinies. Reynardo will have to collect information in the stories little by little to find the path to victory.

Stories: The Path of Destinies out today on PS4

Although betrayals can shorten our hero’s adventures, they will make you better acquainted with certain characters participating in the war, and you can use this information in another chapter. Reynardo retains memories of past mistakes as he navigates his myriad destinations, and cunning foxes never make the same mistake twice.