As usual, the Pathé Thuis offering has been supplemented with a number of new titles. These are brand new and can now be viewed for a small price. Which new releases on the service should you really watch?

1. Joseph

The first new addition to the Pathé Thuis offering is the animated film Josep. In this war film, the French government places the republicans fleeing Franco’s dictatorship in concentration camps. Many people die here from lack of hygiene and water. Yet, despite all the circumstances, two men develop a friendship separated by barbed wire.

The film’s voice actors include Sergi Lopez, David Marsais and Valerie Lemercier. The director of the French film is Aurel.

2. Canary

The recent addition Kanarie is about Johan. He is bullied for his love of British new wave music and Boy George. After he is called up for military service during Apartheid in the South African army, he auditions for the army choir the Canaries. He and the Canaries must survive military training, where exceptional love blossoms.

The cast of the film includes Schalk Bezuidenhout, Hannes Otto and Gerard Rudolf. The director of the film is Christiaan Olwagen.

Watch the trailer for Kanarie below:

3. Barb and Mar Go to Vista Del Mar

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar is about best friends Barb and Star, who are looking for adventure and head to Vista del Mar, Florida. Even though they are there to enjoy themselves, they soon become involved in an evil conspiracy to kill everyone in the city.

The cast of the Pathé home film includes Kristen Wiig, Jamie Dornan and Annie Mumolo. The film’s director is Josh Greenbaum.

Other new titles on Pathé Thuis

Of course, these aren’t the only three titles released recently. You can now also watch films such as Moffie, Green Rush and The Human Voice on Pathé Thuis!

Which title do you plan to watch first in the Pathé Thuis offering? Let me know in the comments!

View the entire Pathé Thuis offer here!

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