Stranger Things Season 2 Comic-Con trailer is a thriller.

Live from behind a PC while people are on holiday outside and I am not at all jealous of that, the Weekendwacht reports! Featuring a ruined Pokémon GO festival, Kingdom Hearts III vs Toy Story, and more geeky Comic-Con trailers than you’ve ever asked for!

Pokémon GO Fest falls into the water

Bad news for the Pokémon GO festivalgoers in Chicago. A festival was hosted by Niantic in the U.S. city this weekend to celebrate the arrival of the first Legendary Pokémon. You had to buy a ticket and then you could participate in all kinds of events and catch rare Pokemon in the indicated park. At least that was the plan because hardly anyone could log in because the servers were constantly flying out!

Stranger Things Season 2 Comic-Con trailer is a thriller

These images of Niantic CEO John Hanke went around the world. What a boo!

Niantic has since apologized. Tickets are reimbursed and all visitors have received $ 100 worth of Pokécoins to spend in-game. The first Legendary Pokémon have now appeared worldwide. It concerns Articuno and Lugia. On August 12, a Pokémon GO event will also take place in Amstelveen where visitors can catch Pokémon that normally do not occur in the Netherlands. Hope the servers can handle the Dutch influx!

Stranger Things Season 2 Comic-Con trailer is a thriller

Ni no Kuni II E3 gameplay walkthrough

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom made a big impression at last E3. Now Bandai Namco has popped the entire gameplay demo on YouTube. Enjoy!

Kingdom Hearts III vs Toy Story: who has the best graphics?

Disney characters always looked good in Kingdom Hearts, but hot DAMN how phenomenal Toy Story looks! So good, in fact, that it has reopened an age-old discussion: Can consoles nowadays play Toy Story graphics in real time? Digital Foundry delves into the footage of the upcoming game and classic Disney movie. Mind you, Pixar took an average of a day to render one frame for the movie. Kingdom Hearts III will soon throw 30 at you in a second!

Stranger Things Season 2 Comic-Con trailer is a thriller

Toy Story 4 will be released in 2019. Just like Kingdom Hearts III. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Stranger Things Season 2 trailer gogogogo!

Nice game news huh? Well from here it is just trailers for movies and series as the San Diego Comic-Con is now taking place and the geek volcano has erupted! We kick off with the Stranger Things Season 2 trailer that perfectly applies Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

Stranger Things Season 2 Comic-Con trailer is a thriller

Star Trek: Discovery trailer

Trailer for the new Star Trek series. Ah it, why am I still writing this, you immediately click on the video.

Westworld season 2 trailer

Blablablaldfkj; l; lkjsfd; l I’m only writing this because it’s nicer in terms of layout!

The Lego Ninjago Movie

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Stranger Things Season 2 Comic-Con trailer is a thriller

Ready Player One trailer

Really? You are still reading this ?! No, I don’t know what to think of this trailer, but the book is cool.

Justice League trailer

The villain is apparently called Steppenwolf. For the rest: EXPLOSIONS!

Thor Ragnarok trailer

I have to hyperventilate this trailer!

Stranger Things Season 2 Comic-Con trailer is a thriller

Wassum again. Have a nice Sunday!