by Márcio Alexsandro Pacheco

the canadian illustrator Arman Akopian published a series of images and texts that show the characters of Capcom’s famous fighting series in not very optimistic future scenarios, named “Street Fighter Chronicles🇧🇷 He did not actually post stories of all the characters, but certainly new “chronicles” should appear soon. Want to know what happened to them if Street Fighter ended? Just read the story of each one below:


🇧🇷white he was very happy after he was reunited with his long lost mother. Seeing that she was anxious and worried about her well-being due to her street fighting lifestyle, she decided to make some changes. With the help of her mother’s boyfriend, a manager of the Brazilian division of Hydro QuebecBlanka got a job as a emergency power generator for some hard-to-reach areas of the Amazon river🇧🇷 A job perfectly suited to your profile. While his work wasn’t required, he casually sipped margaritas. observe the local soccer team as he turns on the lights in the field at the end of the night, it makes him feel happy and at peace.”


“The man known as Ryu do not exist anymore. The power of dark hadou destroyed the soul of the finest street fighter, leaving behind an empty, demented husk that rages with uncontrolled ferocity, becoming the perfect vessel for the evil spirit of the Akuma🇧🇷 Knowing this, Ken Masters put Ryu in one of the institutions for the mentally ill that belong to your company. With the help of Dhalsim he created spiritual barriers that prevent Akuma to possess the body of Ryuhoping to find some way to bring his best friend’s consciousness back into this world.”


“After he learned of Ryu’s condition, Sagat he was furious and frustrated. He felt cheated by fate to have the chance of a rematch with your most fearsome opponent and there was nothing he could do. For a while he left the Thai boxing and street fights, as there were no opponents strong enough to face him. But after hearing rumors that still exist, in some corners of vast asian jungle, warriors who fight in the ancient and brutal style of Muai Thai, practiced during times of war with fights to the death, he decided to seek out these fighters and be part of those fierce tournaments. Each fight would leave only one man breathing, and these were the kind of odds that made Sagat feel alive again. 🇧🇷


“It was the end of vega as we knew him when he crossed paths with the furious Ryu🇧🇷 Just the crazy warrior tore the narcissistic spanish toreadorleaving behind a burning carcass of what used to be the right arm of bison🇧🇷 But bison saw this as an opportunity to test their new technology for creating cyber-warriors🇧🇷 After a while, Vega reemerged from the laboratories of the Shadaloo as cyber vega🇧🇷 Improved and deadlier than ever, he is the prototype of thousands cyber clones that Bison intends to build for his conquests. About the cyber vegahe is consumed by the desire for revenge and to destroy everything Ryu once held.”


“Faith, it seems, has played a cruel trick on Colonel Guile🇧🇷 One of its signatures, and one of its most terrifying attacks, the “sonic boom”, became the reason for his complete hearing loss🇧🇷 As a result of this, Guile was discharged from the air force🇧🇷 And to make matters worse, during the process of his medical examination, overcome with emotions, he lost control of his temper and knocked out a military officer in a permanent coma. For that reason Guile was dishonorably discharged and lost all his privileges as a senior officer. After two years in prison, his life came crashing down. At this point all we know is that he has helped illegal immigrants jumping the border somewhere between Mexico and the state of Texas.”

Chun Li

“One can only imagine what kind of dark thoughts were running through his head. Chun Liwhen she found out that the person who betrayed her father and made it possible for her to bison killed him, was a high-ranking officer of the interpol🇧🇷 She found the traitor and delivered him to his fate, but her trust in the organization was irreparably broken. It was during this crisis that an old friend of her father’s from the MSS (Ministry of State Security) approached her and offered her a position as an officer in a squadron of chinese counterintelligence🇧🇷 Realizing that she would be serving her country while being able to fight the Shadaloo and other external threats to her motherland, she gratefully accepted. Now Chun Li stands proud and strong, ready to defend the People’s Republic of China from any enemy!”

E. Honda

“The entire underworld of Japan must listen to the new Oyabun (head of Mafia). For the clans of yakuza were all united under the heavy palm of Edmond Honda🇧🇷 Frustrated by the inability of the police and military to prevent the spread of Shadaloo in their beloved country, Honda decided to take matters into their own hands. But in doing so, he chose to approach the problem from a different direction. THE japanese yakuzaan ancient and powerful organization with a vast arsenal of quick and efficient methods for solving any problem, seemed a worthy opponent to the criminal power of bison🇧🇷 Therefore, honda joined one of the clans, and quickly rose through the ranks to a position of chief. Eventually Honda managed to unite the entire yakuza under his iron regiment. Now he reigns supreme as the only leader of all clans🇧🇷


🇧🇷zangief found God. Or, for whatever is certain, went looking for one. What was the strange twist of fate that led to the “Red Cyclone” looking for spiritual enlightenment? It was his recent encounter with Dhalsim who finally, through his Yoga powers, was able to reach Nirvana? Or maybe he realized there’s more to life than fights? Nobody knows for sure what caused this Russian Giant disappeared into the vastness of Siberia🇧🇷 Anyway, it looks like zangief he is at peace with himself and spends his time chopping wood, praying and occasionally wrestling with an unlucky bear that crosses his path in the forest.”

Fei Long

“After suffering a crushing and humiliating defeat at the hands of cyber vegaand barely managing to escape with his life, Fei Long disappeared from the martial arts scene and movie screens. There was no news of him for 3 years, until his recent reappearance at one of the street fighting tournaments in Hong Kong, where he demonstrated incredible fighting skills, unparalleled to those he had previously displayed. Turns out, for the past 3 years, Fei Long been training at shaolin templerelearning the true path of Kung Fu of the Great Masters in the temple. Fei Long is back like never before and is looking for a rematch with cyber vega🇧🇷


🇧🇷cammy white became the killer bee again. This time permanently, it seems. The reason behind their decision is unclear. But the recent assassinations of senior officials from different countries who were the most active in their fight against Shadalooshowed that their newly found loyalty by bison it is beyond comprehension. Would this be one more brainwash🇧🇷 or would have Cammy switched sides of their own free will?”