The players of Street Fighter they know well And Hibiki: Considered a nullity by virtually everyone (gamers and game characters included), Dan is nothing more than a living joke.

Initially introduced in Street Fighter Alpha, had to be a “joke” character, that is a joke or parody, with a moveset and a ridiculous power and whose only peculiarity was the provocations with which he sent the enemy into a rage.

Despite occupying the lowest rung of all tiers, Street Fighter players have slowly begun to love him. Perhaps for his incredibly showy style, perhaps for the fact that being able to win a game with him is a certification of professionalism, perhaps both. In short, Dan will also have some useless moves, but basically we love him.

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So good that the character was fished out in Street Fighter IV (with a slightly improved moveset not to make it “too” unbalanced) and soon, it will even come up Street Fighter V, the latest installment in the series.

During the Tokyo Game Show 2020, Capcom previewed Dan Hibiki’s new moveset and guess what? He is exactly the same exhibitionist as ever. And if you’re wondering, yes … Dan will still have his legendary taunts available.

You can see Dan Hibiki’s analysis in the video below:

Maybe Dan won’t become the Top Tier character of Street Fighter V, but it is undeniable that without him, the series cannot be called complete, don’t you think?

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Dan Hibiki will be part of the fifth and final Street Fighter V Season Pass, which is expected to arrive this winter.

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