Streets of Rage 4 will receive more content

Streets of Rage 4 will receive more content, but at the moment it has not been revealed yet.

In a recent question and answer session on Reddit, members of Dotemu, Guard Crush and Lizarcube were asked about the development of Streets of Rage 4 and are still interested in releasing more content.

In addition to questions about Eddie “Skate” Hunter, those responsible for Streets of Rage 4 were asked about the possibility of future additional content and confirmed that they are working on it.

Cyrille Imbert, CEO at Dotemu, replied that “we haven’t decided on anything yet, but we have tons of ideas and we are listening to you. So we will definitely have more content. We just need more time to decide what and when, stay tuned! “

Cyrille Lagarigue, principal programmer at Guard Crush Games, added that “we are thinking about adding playable characters, but we haven’t decided yet. Color options would be cool.”

On the possibility of working on Streets of Rage 5, Imbert just said that the focus is on Streets of Rage 4 and adding content, but that they are already working on 3 unannounced projects.

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